Term Paper: Consequences of Developing Nuclear Power

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Consequences of Developing Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

Using sustained nuclear fission of uranium in the generation of electricity and heat is referred to as a nuclear power source. For the nuclear generated electricity in the world, France, U.S., and Japan account for 50% generation together. Nuclear power reduces the carbon emissions and provides for sustainable energy sources Levendis, Block, & Morrel, 2006.

The main factor against nuclear power is the threat is posses to the environment and people in case of a disaster. Compared to the other energy technologies, the safety of nuclear power is much better, and there is continued research in improving the safety of nuclear power, and this would allow for its use in the future.

Negative ramifications of hydropower

Using hydropower alters the natural river flow, and may affect the habitat and ecology of the region. These changes may affect aquatic life. Fish being cold blooded need cold water to regulate their metabolism rate. The dam water since it is not freely moving tends to warm up which affects the body temperature regulation of the fish. There is a likelihood for a dam to break and this would result in a flood disaster that would affect the people who live near the dam. Case in point is the Johnstown flood in 1889. Flora around the dam is affected negatively because of large carbon amounts which cause crops to rot due to lack of enough oxygen. Creating dams affects travel routes for humans and animals and may affect wildlife nourishment areas.

Consequences of developing nuclear power

Nuclear power does not affect the environment during its production and does not alter the natural flow of nature. Production of nuclear power uses little energy and the quantity produced is enormous. This compared to the amount produced by hydropower is quite huge. Nuclear power production is purely dependent on availability of Uranium, and this is not affected by weather patterns like lack of rainfall. Hydropower is dependent on rainfall and drought seasons could lead to the dams drying. Nuclear power produces far less greenhouse emissions as compared to other fossil fuels, and… [END OF PREVIEW]

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