Consequences of the Truman Doctrine Term Paper

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Opposite of the domino theory was the collective security theory, which held that building up allies and friend states would bind them together, especially if the United States offered them free military aid. This collective theory played out in several areas, including Greece and Turkey, and it did help make them our allies, but it alienated others at the same time. Initially, this was called the Military Assistance Program, and ultimately that program helped lead to the formation of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Association that formed after the war and attempted to keep the peace. NATO is made up of members from Europe and the U.S., and it was a military organization designed to repel communism while keeping the peace in Europe.

The passage of the doctrine helped fuel anti-communism fears in the United States, and helped create the Cold War between the two countries. Ultimately, these fears led to the "Red Scare" that occurred in the 1950s and included Senator Joseph McCarthy's allegations that many U.S. citizens were "card-carrying" communists. This red scare lasted almost a decade, and ended up with many Americans accused and convicted of being communists, often unfairly. The scare spread to Hollywood, and many actors, producers, and other film workers were accused and blacklisted. They could not find jobs in the industry, and it affected the industry for many years.

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Today, most experts agree that the Truman Doctrine actually exacerbated problems with the Soviet Union, created the red scare, and led to the Cold War between the two countries. The Cold War officially lasted from 1945 through 1991, when the Soviet Union fell, but it was at its height during the Korean conflict, the Berlin Blockade, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Vietnam. Both sides engaged in nuclear weapons build-ups and anti-nuclear technologies. This continued, relatively unchecked throughout the decades until the Soviet Union fell and democracy was restored in the country.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Consequences of the Truman Doctrine Assignment

It is interesting to note that Truman, also in 1947, signed the National Security Act of 194. This act, similar to the Patriot Act after 9/11, created a unified Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the National Security Council, who would oversee aspects of American security and defense around the world. They would also serve as the main bureaucracies for the Cold War, so Truman effectively created the tools to manage the Cold War when he signed the act. Truman made it clear that the country wanted peace, but they were not afraid to fight if they had to, and that sent an unsettling message to the communists.

Proponents of the document believe that the Truman Doctrine was directly responsible for Greek inclusion in western alliances and politics, and that if Greece had fallen to the communists, it would be a very difference country today. Instead of being aligned with the west, having a democratic government, and a thriving economy, Greece probably would have been a poorly developed country with many of the same social issues that many other former communist countries are facing today. They believe Greece would be much worse off than it is today. However, the Truman Doctrine did allow abuses of power and other outrages in the Greek government that threatened to topple it several times, however, and it led to ongoing tension between Turkey and Greece.

In conclusion, the Truman Doctrine did do good things around the globe, and it did help to keep communism from spreading. However, it also helped lead to anti-communist feelings in the country, it created a policy that involved us in skirmishes in Asia that killed thousands of Americans, and it helped create the tensions that led to the Cold War, a dangerous time in U.S.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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