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Other valued of biodiversity to humans include the fact that rich environments provide heretofore unknown resources, such as new food products and medicines. Important medicinal discoveries such as the pain medications codeine and morphine were only discovered because they were natural defense mechanisms found in plants to prevent their consumption by herbivorous organisms.

Factors that threaten species persistence include: (1) degradation, destruction, and fragmentation of their natural habitats, (2) overexploitation of populations, (3) disease or a new predator's introduction, and (4) some natural or unnatural phenomena which upsets the balance within the ecosystem (Sadava 2011,-page 1247). Each of these factors could lead to endangerment of extinction of given populations.

6. Describe at least four strategies used by Conservation Biologists to protect Biodiversity.

a. Creating and maintaining nature preserves which emulate the natural habitats of the creatures that live within the preserve. These preserves will be built in regions which are close to the climate and terrain of the original ecosystem in the hope that the animals will be able to survive and thrive within the community.

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b. Conservation biologists have used the legal system to ban chemicals, processes, and procedures which have been proven to negatively impact biodiversity. For example, conservation biologists have been instrumental in banning the use of chemical sprays such as DDT which are used by farmers to prevent insects from eating or bruising their crops. These insect sprays have not only decimated the insect population, but also impacted bird communities and cats in certain regions of the world because these secondary consumers eat the insects and are then themselves poisoned.

Research Paper on Conservation Biology Explain What Conservation Assignment

c. Implementing procedures to decrease carbon emissions, such as encouraging green processes either through social pressure or through legislative measures. This has included implementation of carpooling lanes and regional transit systems to lessen the amount of cars on the road which then release harsh chemicals into the environment both in the air and in the ground.

d. Conservation biologists have worked internationally to expand knowledge of endangered species and encourage cooperation between nations to protect various species. It is perceived as larger than a national problem and these scientists have been able to achieve a level of international cooperation unseen in other situations.

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