Conservation Biology Essay

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Conservation Biology

The objective of the study is to conduct a quantitative evaluation of the impact of oceanic currents on the migration trajectories of marine animals. This will then be used to project and investigate the consequences of existing tracking analysis.

To accomplish this, the method involved an analysis of the trajectory of an Argos-tracked female leatherback turtle. This trajectory spanned some 11,635 km. A combination of satellite and tracking technology was used to determine the trajectory and obtain results.

The results show a strong compass sense in leatherback turtle, as the observed specimen maintained a steady heading for a considerable part of her trajectory. Significantly, this would not be detectable without current correction. When completing the trajectory, the results show that almost half of the displacement observed was due to the current drift. The results indicate that further study and in-depth knowledge of the currents are required to understand the specific elements of the trajectory.


The study highlights several important issues in terms of conservation. One of these, in a very general sense, is the fact that knowledge should never be assumed to be either absolute or completely accurate. In order to continue the conservation effort from a scientific viewpoint, both qualitative and quantitative results are required.

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The tracking of movements across the habitat is important in order to better understand the requirements of conserving such a habitat. Where trajectories are significant in size, like that of the leatherback turtle, the conservation effort should be particularly intensive, ensuring that the entire span of the trajectory is sustainable.

Essay on Conservation Biology Assignment

The study also highlights the importance of quantitative track analyses to obtain important and accurate data on conservation issues such as feeding ground locations, migration areas, and the frequency of traveling and foraging for specific species. Understanding the animal's movement… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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