Construction Project Control Term Paper

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Preventive controls should include adequate skill requirements in choosing team members and sub-contractors. Verification methods, such as management check off, independent checkers, substandard work audits, etc., should be designed into the continuous evaluation plans. Self-control mechanisms should include alternative construction plans for safety, cost effectiveness, and time saving measures. Insurance strategies can mitigate for loss in errors and other inadequacies. A good quality assurance strategy can also enable more guarantee in the design and construction processes. Other guarantee measures could include damage liquidations and retention funding.

Corrective mitigation should include weekly and milestone meetings. Weekly meetings should be based on evaluation of progress at a given time, focus on joint problem solving, partnering, goal and objective alignment, and performance improvements. Milestone meetings should be a time to reflect and evaluate progress and problems and develop better strategies for performance improvements.

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Organizational mitigation should include alignment with the company's goals, objectives, and mission statement. Suppliers and subcontractors should be chosen on shared, mutual objectives and goals. There should be an initial evaluation of each supplier and subcontractor as well as continual evaluation methods. Contracts should contain all the specifics where all questions can be answered. The client contract should also include specification of approved personnel in design changes.


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Term Paper on Construction Project Control Assignment

Tuuli, M.M.R.S. & K.T.Y., 2010. Control modes and mechanisms in construction project teams: drivers and consequences. Construction Management & Economics, 29(5), pp.…
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