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[. . .] Jennifer: I was a teacher for many years. I taught reading, first at the elementary school level, then in high school. I also taught college English for a while. I enjoyed the academic environment, but I also wanted to run my own business and have that freedom and flexibility. I was familiar with many academic issues and worked well with students. It seemed like a perfect fit. It has been so far. I started my business five years ago and haven't looked back since. Business is good, and I'm building a reputation for myself as the person to call on educational matters in the Virginia area.

Swedish consultants are just what the name would imply -- they are Swedish consultants, people from Sweden who consult on a variety of business matters, normally involving trade. Swedish consultants have been in great demand lately due to their expertise in trade matters, particularly on the international level. Carl Breng is a Swedish consultant specializing in international trade. He lives in Sweden.

Carl: I consult with other businesses in Sweden on how to best market their products and services in international markets. I help them to come up with strategies for expanding their businesses through trade. I go to their offices and meet with their company executives and help them to see where they are and where they want to go as a company. Other Swedish consultants sometimes consult with international businesses on how to market their products and services in Sweden or to other countries, but I work exclusively with Swedish companies.

Carl: I have a degree in business and worked at several Swedish companies in management positions for fifteen years. I finally decided to work for myself and to take the knowledge I had gained through my experiences at these companies and use it to help other companies to succeed. It is a very rewarding career, and it is always changing. I am always learning something new.

Internal consultants are another type of consultant that is common in today's business world. Internal consultants work with companies to improve their internal structure, employee relations, and other internal aspects of the company. After all, a company that runs smoothly internally has a greater chance of success in the business world. Many companies find themselves experiencing varying levels of dysfunction within their walls, be it from animosity between employees, problems with management, or just a general difficulty in facilitating communication. This is where internal consultants come in. Internal consultants help businesses to get it together internally and to run more smoothly. Alexandra King is an internal consultant in Minnesota.

Alexandra: I market myself to corporate America as someone who is skilled in interpersonal relations and communication skills and who can facilitate smoother internal operations at a company. There is really no specific industry that I work with exclusively. Any company, no matter how large or small, can use my services. I work from home and send out mailers and other forms of advertisement, I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and I do my own telemarketing to get clients. I also operate heavily on word of mouth.

Alexandra: I was a communications major in college, and worked in human resources in various companies for years. I found that I had a particular skill in getting people to understand each other and to work together. I was good at it and enjoyed it. People would come to me to resolve their problems with the company or with people within the company. I eventually started to think that maybe I could make a living at giving this sort of advice. I was right. I started out with it part-time, but it soon grew into a full-time business.

International consultants help businesses deal with international companies and help them to expand into other countries. Many companies today, particularly the large ones, are looking into expanding into overseas markets. This involves acclimating to a whole new culture, understanding a whole new people and way of doing things, and navigating a whole new set of laws for setting up a business. International consultants come in here. These consultants help businesses that are expanding into international waters to understand the culture, people, and laws of the country to which they are expanding, so that their expansion can be a smooth and trauma-free one. Robert Jones is an international consultant based in Washington state.

Robert: I work with large businesses that are expanding into international areas to understand the culture and climate into which they are expanding. I also work with small importers and exporters on the foreign aspects of their businesses. I offer a translation service, as well. I work mainly through word of mouth now, but I went door to door, telemarketing, and mass mailing early on in this career.

Robert: I was a foreign languages major in college, and took many semesters abroad. I've also traveled extensively, run my own import/export business, and have been an officer for the State Department in a variety of countries. I decided that it was time to use all of this foreign expertise of mine in a unique and creative way. Consulting seemed to be the natural choice. It's the ideal job. I can use my skills and interests daily, and work for myself at the same time.

Consulting is a unique and interesting career choice for the twenty-first century. From humble beginnings more than one hundred years ago with only a few people claiming to be consultants to today with a consultant it seems on every corner, consulting has grown in legitimacy and in its uses. It is a job that offers excitement and variety with very little start-up costs. With a little knowledge, the intrepid entrepreneur can go a long way as a consultant.


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