Consumer Decision Model Essay

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Consumer Decision Model

There are a number of theories with respect to consumer buying behavior. One notable theory, the Engel-Blackwell-Miniard model, assumes that purchases reflect a problem-solving process. This paper will analyze two recent purchases that I have made. One is a high involvement purchase and the other is a low-involvement. A high-involvement purchase is one where the consumer is likely to conduct research and give careful consideration to the purchase. High involvement goods are those that are either expensive, have long time frames or both. Low involvement goods are typically inexpensive items, usually for which there is minimal amount of research and analysis involved in the process. The high involvement purchase is that of a laptop; the low involvement purchase being studied is that of a headache remedy.


The Engel-Blackwell-Miniard model begins with need recognition. In my case, my old laptop was breaking down and a new one was required. For this purchase, the next step was alternative evaluation. There are a set of beliefs and attitudes that help to frame this decision, and those are where my search begun. A fundamental belief central to the question of laptops is Windows vs. Mac, and that was a question I needed to work through as there are merits to both choices, but I needed a machine that was going to fill my needs as a university student. I actually wanted to challenge my preconceived beliefs and attitudes to set myself with a starting point in my search.

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This analysis included both external and internal environmental considerations. There are social norms that need to be considered, including those of my friends and families. Laptops can be a source of identity for some people, but a tool for others. I sought advice from people in my life that had a variety of different computer experiences. I had not purchase a new laptop in a few years and believed that first and foremost I needed to be brought up-to-date with the latest information to help me set a general direction. I needed to know about a number of different things -- software, security, performance, life span, cost, features and a whole host of other important considerations.

TOPIC: Essay on Consumer Decision Model Assignment

My external analysis essentially sent me back to an internal search. I had some information committed to memory about past experiences of both myself and my friends, but I needed to acquire much more knowledge about the options in the market so I turned to the Internet to gather more information. At this point in the process, I had already followed half of the Engel-Blackwell-Miniard (EBM) model and was now moving through the other half of the model. My search through the external information was processed in conjunction with advice I had already received from friends and families. This led me to a short list. During this part of the process, the names that had made the short list were generally those that were most talked-about by either my family, friends or online. Over the course of my research, some names had been mentioned briefly but did not register long enough for that brand to make my short list.

Ultimately, I was able to weigh the merits of each laptop that I had shortlisted. I compared these merits to my own preconceptions, which factored heavily in the final decision. I actually had trouble making a final decision. My computer was beginning to decline considerably, which forced me into make my decision more rapidly. I was worried that I would make the wrong choice. Ultimately, however, I believe that I made the right choice with my decision.

For this high involvement decision, a wide range of factors were influential in my final decision. These ranged from objective factors such as an analysis of laptop features to the subjective views of my peer group with respect to choice of brands. These factors are not always easy to reconcile, and that was again my experience. With a high involvement purchase, there is a considerable amount of fear and risk involved, so the process becomes drawn out and it becomes more difficult to make a decision until that decision is absolutely necessary. The EBM model captures the different variables that go into a high involvement purchase. The flexibility of the model allows for the reality that consumers often go through the different steps in different stages, and put the steps together in their own way. Over time, the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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