Consumer Driven Health Movement Impacted Health Care Essay

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¶ … consumer driven health movement impacted health care service delivery?

The concept of 'consumer driven health care' emphasizes on allowing the health care consumers the authority to chose, regulate and be informed on the health care services. Regulation of the consumers will fetch the insurers to innovate for creating the higher quality, and lower cost services for demand. In this manner the consumer driven health movement is taken to be a revolution and visualized as a drastic change of the technocratic, authoritative policies not acceptable to consumers and providers. This enables the people to receive the health care they desire at a cost they are desirous of offering. The market driven solution in respect of health care depends entirely upon the influences on demand and supply, according to the wish of providers and customers. The managed care on contrary authorizes a third party, a technocrat to regulate all the actions that aims at reducing the payments to hospitals and doctors and dissuade the consumers to be away from the wasteful expensive specialists. (Herzlinger, 2004)

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However the assurances of the managed care to lead a better quality and cost control were not made available to consumers. Providers were also dejected with the managed care's hobbling of the profession. And to many of the professionals the consumer driven health care was to make them free from the shackles of managed care. The consumer driven health care will lower costs by making people to concentrate on needed health care, simultaneously improving quality and regulate costs not by rationing but by motivating productivity, increasing variations in health care, integrated record system, concentrated factories, and personalized medicine. The consumer driven health care necessitated at the employees have greater choice of highly differentiated health plans, control over how much they spend for various health care needs and information to assist their choices. (Herzlinger, 2004)

TOPIC: Essay on Consumer Driven Health Movement Impacted Health Care Assignment

The competition among newly differentiated products assists to regulate health care costs and direct selection by informed employees ensures that costs are moderated by improving quality and not by regulating the appropriate standards of care. In a consumer driven health care system, providers has ample liberty to bundle care in the manner they feel are suitable to name their own costs. Like in other consumer driven markets, excellent information will enable users to evaluate the quality of the providers. (Herzlinger, 2004)

In order to combat the increasing prices of the healthcare the health service organizations and planners have been devising various methods to influence consumers to adopt a healthier lifestyle, become more conscious of the costs and promote restraint in their usage of the health services. In order to regulate the costs of health care it is imperative… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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