Consumer Trends in the Hospitality Term Paper

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"Online travel is a huge industry driven by 41 million online travel buyers, and despite ongoing economic and safety concerns, we expect continued growth."

Article #3: Ground Transportation:

Statistics & Trends:

"KDS offers its customers a direct access to the Europcar central reservation system" Travel Daily News.

This news article states that KDS, a provider of online business travel management in Europe and Europcar are joining as partners in providing direct access to customers for online vehicle reservations. Jean-Francois Vergnangeal, Senior VP Marketing & Strategic Alliances at KDS stated in the article that:

"This partnership is perfectly in line with our policy to develop direct links, which is one of the major facets in the strategy of KDS, an independent actor. Indeed, we wish to multiply the number of accesses to the various distribution channels, thus providing our customers with the greatest freedom of choice when reserving their travel. By offering this new direct access to the Europcar central reservation system, we are responding to their request and to the market's expectations."

Advantages are stated to be:

A more economical solution via access to the best rates, linked to the lower distribution costs provided by the Internet.

A more flexible solution in terms of the services and functions available to the users.

Article #4:

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Statistics & Trends: "Tourism Trends by Tourism Control Intelligence KDS & Deutsche Bahn further extend their partnership for best online services to German corporate travelers" Travel Daily News 77

This is a report on "global megatrends" that are "revolutionizing the tourism industry" according to the consultant and director for the Tourism Control Intelligence in France and the U.S.A., Michael Nowlis. In this report

Nowlis emphasizes the following as trends:

TOPIC: Term Paper on Consumer Trends in the Hospitality Assignment

The Internet will become the dominant distribution channel for all travel and tourism products eliminating most intermediaries.

Consumers will systematically consult travel health sites before checking ticket or room availability.

Critical shortages of skilled staff will encourage hospitality corporations to develop or outsource proprietary training centers.

The introduction of new technologies in the upscale tourism industry will not replace the human element in service delivery - to the contrary, it will gain importance.

Hotel companies' PMS standardization will result in the transfer of database and data warehousing responsibilities to CRS for greater operational and marketing efficiency.

Travel guidebooks will become highly specialized and more frequently consulted - primarily on the web.


If the travel, tourism and hospitality industries expect to keep pace with consumer demand then the rapid implementations of online reservation and booking as well as other requirements of individuals and businesses will have to be addressed very quickly in order to compete in the industry. The reasons that have been given are that first, customers like to be able to compare prices online, secondly, in the wake of the many disease and the spreading of terrorism customer want to check out the current environment and events in the area or region they expect to visit before making reservations. This is all easily done from the comfort of their home or without taking out time from the office to check these factors and with the convenience of online reservations customers are making this their first choice in reservations and booking methods.


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