Consumer Web Site Design: Purchase Term Paper

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Practitioners as Audience

Web developers, consumer-oriented web sites, and companies with heavy Internet-reliance for market share results will benefit greatly from increased quantitative and qualitative research into this area. In spite of the byzantine and clearly confusing statistical tracking process currently in place, billions of dollars of discretionary money was spent online in the fourth quarter of 2002 and that number will only continue to rise.

For example, web designers and engineers can use quantitative findings to better understand how to build a web portal or business presence on the Internet designed to "capture" loyal and responsive customers or clients based on the visual impact of elements that work.

Professionals as Audience

Professionals from all walks of life will benefit from comprehensive extensions to previously collected data. Scholars in the sociological, psychological, economic, financial, marketing, and political arenas are but a few of the professionals who can glean information of great use.

For example, a sociologist can predict the shopping habits and trends of suburban cultural groups while financial experts can predict quarterly economic ratios and stock performance based on clear trends and a better understanding of precisely what comprises a satisfactory online consumer experience.

Importance to Personal Development

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Literature Review

TOPIC: Term Paper on Consumer Web Site Design: Purchase Assignment

All pertinent literature has been reviewed for this topic; while there is little quantitative material, the qualitative materials lend themselves to the overall study and provide a template for the studies to be done in the future. A severe paucity of empirical data exists in support of this thesis in spite of an inundation of empirical studies by companies such as Microsoft™, AT&T™, MCI™, and Compaq/Tandem™, et. al. To support "good" web design practices, ethical handling of personal data, and marketing best practices.

It is hoped that this study will improve the lack of empirical data with a focus on providing an in-depth study of longevity and value.

A review of literature concerning the use of logos, pathos, and ethnos in developing purchase intention and customer loyalty places this dissertation in the context of previous research.

This scholarly review of earlier work provides an appropriate history and recognizes the priority of the work of others. Citation of and specific credit to relevant earlier works is part of the author's scientific and scholarly responsibility and is done with forty (40) relevant, although often indirect or incomplete studies.

This review will focus only on literature and conclusions directly pertinent to the subject and the problem addressed in the dissertation.


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