Contemporary Crafts Literature Review

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A review of literature on traditional and contemporary architectural elements reveals core concepts related to the interface between form and function. Design parallels social, cultural, and geo-climactic conditions. The architecture becomes the most basic manifestation of social norms, beliefs, and practices. Moreover, a mystical and spiritual dimension is often revealed in the traditional architectures of Saudi Arabia, but is embedded and concealed rather than being overt. For example, Abu-Ghazzeh notes that the mensuration of traditional buildings in Al-Alkhalaf is based on the ratios of measurement in the human body. The ratios can be viewed as a practical means of determining architectural and decorative elements as well as testimony to the spiritual connections between human being, home, and environment. Moreover, there is a singular rejection of absolute measurements because using the human body for the placements of doors, windows, and furniture signifies an intimacy between resident and dwelling, as well as between master builder and resident. In his evaluation of Qahtan architecture, Abu-Ghazzeh found that master builders relied not on absolute measures but on the body, which would impart a slightly irregular ratio to dwellings and their relations with one another. The male foot, palm of hand, knee level, and walking stride are all units of measurement in the traditional architectures of Saudi Arabia. Abu-Ghazzeh also points out that public areas also reflect the social use of space. For instance, Abu-Ghazzeh notes that public thoroughfares and doorways allowed for the transport of goods on donkeys and on the heads of women.

Literature Review on Contemporary Crafts Assignment

The traditional dwellings of the Qahtan tribe provide a prime example of how architectural and design elements reflect socio-cultural… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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