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¶ … Invention of Peace: Discussion 1 - Does not peace itself create the conditions that will ultimately lead to war? (Question # 2). No. Hobbes described peace very narrowly as a period when war is neither being planned nor actively waged (Howard 2000). But peace also describes the absence of the conditions and circumstances that lead to war. By this broader definition, a period where war is neither being planned nor waged might still fail to constitute peace if conditions of that period are characterized by the dissatisfaction or fear on the part of one or more parties to that peace. The dissatisfaction of one or more parties to any peace and/or the fear of one or more parties to any peace from other parties to that peace are conditions that could eventually cause war. In that case, it is the instability of the peace that causes its failure rather than the existence of genuine peace.

I - the Invention of Peace: Discussion 2 - if nuclear weapons have made war ultimately suicidal for mankind, what can be done about it? (Question #5). Once the technology for nuclear weapons is "out of the bottle" it cannot be contained or destroyed. There are two principal ways of addressing the nuclear threat:

1) securing fissionable uranium and existing weapons, and (2) providing sufficient incentive to nations seeking military use of nuclear power to deter its pursuit of nuclear weapons technology. That has been the purpose of the international Non-proliferation

Treaty (NPT). Under the NPT, the international community offers carrots to cooperative nations and displays a stick to less cooperative nations instead of a positive incentive.

II - Discussion 1 - the Origins and Principal Global Effects of… [END OF PREVIEW]

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