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¶ … gender inequality is one that is most discussed in various platforms in the world. The male gender feels oppressed by their female counterparts and vice versa. In this paper we present an open debate with a view of coming up with a concrete to the common problems that the men and women of this world do face in their day-to-day undertakings at home, during commute, at work and in any other place that involves the interaction of the two genders. We present a unified case and then argue it out in terms of the various relevant viewpoints. In our brief, we make use of extant literature to support our case and also to argue against it. Gender inequality is indeed a great evil in our society and therefore we present a conclusive and holistic remedy that would in a way thwart this social demon.


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Several scholars have debated the subject of gender inequality without success on the real root of this social evil. This is because the topic of gender inequality is filled with so much dynamics and it therefore leaves a lot of dilemma if it really exists or it is just an exaggeration of the reality. The definition of gender inequality in the minds of many is the situation that arises when women possess less power and authority than me do. This kind of a view does not take into consideration the various forms of suffering that men undergo in the hand of women superiors for example. Gender inequality has therefore in fact been described with a strong connotation of a woman's suffering with a very conspicuous neglect of what a man really feels. There are various explanations for gender inequality. However, the most compelling of these explanations can be traced to the various materialist theories. The theories explain the phenomenon of gender inequality through the utilization of various cross-cultural data which emphasize the role and status of both sexes in the society.

Term Paper on Contemporary Problem Assignment

The materialist theories do attempt to explain the origin of the phenomenon of gender inequality through the use of various social-economic dynamics. They try to explain the phenomenon as an outcome of how the females and the males in the society are intricately tied to the various economic structures of our society. The very striking part of the materialist theories however is that they insist that the whole phenomenon of gender inequality is as a result of a struggle for the control and distribution of the various important and valued economic resources. The end result is the stratification of the man-woman relationship in our social fabric. It is however important to note that this explanation for gender inequality is better since it does not directly exude a sexist approach. This fact has been greatly appreciated by the materialist theories of gender-inequality.

In order to truly understand the viewpoint of the various theories and common explanations of gender inequality, it is worth pointing out that the phenomenon has been surrounded by so much debate until has generated a high level of confusion. The general theories do point out that the fundamental role of women in the society is to be a mother and a wife. These two roles have been acknowledged to be very important to our contemporary society. Despite these roles the womankind has continuously been devalued and denied access to various public resources that they should enjoy equally with men. The one part of this form of stratification its tendency to be more intense in scenarios where the work of the woman is directed towards taking care of the family directly while the work of the man is outwardly directed to matters of trade and marketplace (Eitzen, 2000). The question that one is left to wonder in such a scenario is the case where women in our contemporary society have struggled to attain the same positions and influence as their male counterparts. One therefore would wonder if theories that demean the role of the woman in the society would still thrive in our contemporary society.

I strongly feel that the current society which is liberal in terms of decisions and choices that we make should be able to realize that it is not appropriate to think of either sexes as in appropriate for certain duties, roles and positions. Everyone should be judged in the same light and in regards to their performance. The act of not paying women equally as their male counterparts is also too demeaning. This is because the same women usually get absorbed later into the job market as compared to their male counterparts and then later on leave periodically as a result of responsibilities directed towards the care of their children. It is important to thank women for not being so mad at males to an extent of eliminating the male child at birth. Despite the inequality that they have been subjected to, they have continued to relentlessly be mothers to males who late on adopt the chauvinistic attitudes that end up exposing the womankind to harsh environments ruled with ultimate patriarchy.

A review of literature

Extant literature has been dedicated to the issue of gender inequality in our contemporary society. Despite the fact that most debates on gender inequality concentrate on the terrible things that happen to women, certain scholars have dedicated their time to point out that even men do have rough times and bad issues that are as a result of the women in our society. Jacobsen (2002) clearly points out that there are cases when very little attention is given to the issues that affect men. Jacobsen postulates that it is necessary to ensure that all the issues affecting men are appropriately addressed. She pointed out that for there to be proper and equitable development in our contemporary society, it is necessary to ensure that all the various disadvantages that men face are appropriately addressed. It is important to realize that the dynamics of our contemporary society creates different changing roles for men. This she points out that the current society is undergoing a paradigm shift that leads to a general destruction of the human capital. This therefore leads to major impact on men as compared to their female counterparts. She therefore points out that it is important for the policy makers to put men into consideration when formulating the future plans. Therefore this piece of literature clearly illustrates the need to understand that gender bias also targets men and not just the women as the common perception creates it to be. This literature also brings out clearly the fact that the feminist propagandists are in a way exaggerating the degree to which men mistreat women.

In as much as it is true that the males are better empowered as compared to their female counterparts. It is important to ensure that women are provided with equal opportunities. A review of a large number of literatures suggests that women are greatly mistreated as compared to their male counterparts.

Sims (1997) suggests that is important to expand the level of female education in a country in order to ensure that there is gender equity. The study also shown the relevance of gender equity to the realization of better economic gains.

In yet another study by Healy and Zukka (2004), it was shown that about 3% of the highly remunerated executives are females and that most of those senior positions were dominated disproportionately by their male counterparts. Their study also revealed a certain level of stratification of the female executives towards certain industries.

More empirical evidence was advanced by Klansen (2006), to suggest the importance of promoting fender equity in order to achieve better economic performance in any given society. Klansen's study also shown that a society made up of higher female employment opportunities recorded a lower rate of corruption and better governance.

In yet another interesting study carried by Song et al. (2006), it was revealed that in China, boys do attend school as compared to girls. This study also revealed that the demand for the schooling of female students is more elastic as compared to the male schooling.

Another study conducted by Shellenbarger (2006) revealed that the nature of jobs undertaken by males differed greatly from those carried out by the males. The boys tend to be involved with tougher and physically tasking activities such as mowing the lawn and the repair of broken gadgets. Another important point to remember is that even the parents who are seriously fighting for the gender equity cannot resist the act of assigning the task of their children along the usual traditional lines of gender.

The main arguments

It is very true that the role played by women in our contemporary society cannot be replaced by the men in the society. As much as it is true that men in some instances have downplayed the important roles that women do, it is also true that the woman of today has been more than unappreciative of some basic truth… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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