Content Analysis Between Women and Men Term Paper

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¶ … Homme (men's monthly magazine, September 2004) and Harper's Bazaar (women's monthly magazine, August 2004) examined the ways that men and women are depicted in magazine articles through photograph descriptions and a comparison of layout including copy length, white space, headlines and visuals. The intent is to determine if there is a difference between an American-based magazine and a European one in terms of audience and design.

Sampling Frame: Four articles apiece from September 2004 Homme (men's fashion) with 200 pages and August 2004 Harper's Bazaar (women's fashion) with 272 pages. The magazines were randomly selected off the library shelves

A nonfictional literary composition that forms an independent part of a publication, as of a newspaper or magazine.

Photograph Comparison (factors analyzed)

Looks (attractive -- pleasing and dignified in form or appearance; average; unattractive)

Weight (110-120; 121-130; 131-140; 141-150; 151-160; 161-170; over 170)

Race (This can only be an assumption)

Age (under 20, 20-25; 25-30; 30-35; 35-40; over 40)

Emotional state (smiling, serious, angry)

Layout Comparison (factors analyzed)

Size of photographs (other visuals)

Inches of copy


White space

Harper's Bazaar

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Article 1: (Feature) "Mommy's Checkered Past: A Bedtime Story: What do you tell your children when you've done it all?"

One photo, black and white 5x3" (white attractive mother smiling; age 35-40; 125 pounds; with two children serious)

One large 3" high bold headline

Article 2: (Regular column) "Fashion" photo montages, color and black and white, attractive mixed ethnic high-fashion models with new fashions, age 20-25, 110-120 pounds, very trendy looking, posed and serious

One large 4" bold headline on each page

Term Paper on Content Analysis Between Women and Men Assignment

Article 3: (Feature) "SAD -- Seasonal Affective Disorder -- Season"

One photo, color 4x7" (head shot of white woman in shadow, semi-smile, age 20-25)

One large 4" high bold headline

Article 4: (Feature) "Mother's Boy? Author James Ellroy sets out to solve mother's death"

One photo, black and white 3x5" (head shot of James Ellroy, close-up,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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