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¶ … Cultures

Explain the difference between high context cultures and low context cultures using examples from two cultures with which you are familiar. Assume that you are doing business in a high context culture like Japan or China. What are the challenges involved that may impact your marketing goals in that culture? Use concrete examples to illustrate your points.

There are many differences between high context and low context cultures, with the majority of these differences being in the approach to communication, adherence to laws, nature and structure of agreements, relative view of attention to detail, directness, and several other factors that all culminate in how members of these cultures learn to trust each other (Lindsay, 2005). High context cultures include Japan and China. In these cultures there is a relative weak emphasis on the written word yet personal promises are considered binding and even more important that written agreements. A high context culture also relies heavily on nonverbal communication, and as a result view silken in a communication as respected and communicate. Specifically in the Japanese culture this is viewed as time to think through a thoughtful and insightful response, yet in a low context culture, silence is anxiety-producing and seen as non-communicative. Low context cultures include Germans, Swiss and Austrian cultures.

In marketing into a high context culture the challenges will be first gaining credibility and trust as a marketer of a foreign good (Lindsay, 2005) as these cultures place a high level of emphasis on… [END OF PREVIEW]

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