Contingency Theories Leadership & Situational Essay

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It gives leaders a theoretical foundation to select which leadership style to use.

Situational leadership is the one that I often use. It allows one to analyze a situation and adopt the most appropriate leadership style, where the employee's developmental level is low; it allows me as the manager to provide more support and direction of a given task. When the employees have higher levels of development and are competent, then I offer less support and direction. Situational leadership leads to work being done effectively. It helps build a relationship between managers and employees. It also helps to raise the development level of the employees Northouse 99()

The human resource manager in our organization uses the path-goal leadership style. He helps the employees reach a goal through guiding them towards the goal. The manager also directs and coaches the workers in order to achieve a certain goal. The leaders behavior is motivational and it helps the subordinates be able to cope with some difficulties in the organization.

The successes of situational approach of leadership are that it is easy to understand and use. When leaders adopt effective leadership styles, tasks get done better. It helps build a relationship between managers and employees. It helps the employees sharpen their skills towards certain tasks. Situational approach fails to distinguish between leadership and management. The managers themselves come up with decisions without involving the subordinates. Workers end up feeling left out in the decision making process of the company resulting to low productivity.

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Path-goal theory helps managers influence performance and satisfaction of the employees. It increases the outcomes of employees by clarifying the path to the set goals and reducing the roadblocks to goals by encouraging employees to work towards a set goal. Path goal approach may fail where the goals set for the task are too high that cannot be reached by the path chosen by the leader. The leadership style requires many assumptions and is not easy to use.

Essay on Contingency Theories Leadership • Situational Assignment

The success of contingency leadership is that it allows an organization chose leaders who are best suited for a task. These leaders use their skills to get a job done effectively. This leadership style leaves out subordinates in decision making process of the company resulting to poor results.


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