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¶ … care: Rural settings

"Continuum of care planning helps providers identify ways of coordinating and linking resources to avoid duplication and facilitate seamless movement among care settings" (Spath 2001). Such planning also attempts to identify major gaps in the provision of current healthcare services as well as facilitates the coordination of existing care services. Just as various care settings may be notable for their particular strengths, other care settings may be notable for patients' care deficits.

Within rural settings, some of the most notable and surprising deficits are in the provision of basic care, such as health promotion measures and disease prevention in the field of primary care. Patients in rural areas may delay obtaining care simply because of the distance that it takes to reach a healthcare facility. Distance may inhibit patients from obtaining routine but potentially life-saving checkups. Minor conditions, such as strep throat infections, can become needlessly severe without antibiotics. More serious conditions such as cancers are often not expeditiously diagnosed and given the benefit of intensive early treatment. Patients who suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes may have more acute episodes, because of insufficient monitoring.

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While poor individuals in urban settings may experience healthcare deficits because of a lack of education about available services, healthcare is more physically 'present' in a metropolitan environment. Care is easier to access once indigent patients are aware that they qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. There are also more extensive social services available in urban environments to make individuals aware of what types of financial support they qualify for, regarding healthcare. In rural settings there may also be less cultural support for seeking government social services amongst the poor as well as less awareness.

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Technology has enabled many rural areas to bridge the gaps in the continuum of care for primary and even secondary and tertiary care. "Videoconferencing can help physicians manage the medical and financial risks of providing care to rural and underserved patients. It has been used successfully throughout the United States in such specialties as dermatology, psychiatry, pulmonary medicine, and cardiology" (Campbell… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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