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TOPIC: Term Paper on Contract Law in Norway Assignment

Norwegian contract law is considered a part of the Scandinavian legal family, a legal family that incorporates elements of both Anglo-American and continental legal theory. Unified codes regarding contracts have been enacted in Scandinavia since the end of the last century, such as the "Law of Contracts of 1918," although legal stipulations regarding contractual elements are not as specific as in the United States, and are left more open to judicial interpretations. Some legal scholars consider the entire Scandinavian legal systems as subgroup of continental law. Other scholars argue that it must be classified between the two systems. Regardless, justice towards all parties rather than the letter of the contract more important in the interpretations of the Scandinavian system. Like the continental system of law judicial proceedings regarding disputes are informative rather than adversarial. (Lillebakken, 1997) number of differences exist between the Norwegian contract system of law and the American system. For example, a the University of Oslo's legal school delineates the difference between American law, such as the presence of typical "boiler-plate"… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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