Term Paper: Contracts Scenario on June 15

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[. . .] The two could have entered into an agreement whereby the buyer had a certain amount of time to change his or her mind, but this was not the case in the aforementioned offer.

"Be mindful that you can take back or withdraw an offer at any time before the other side has agreed to the deal. This is called retraction (proving that you have withdrawn the offer before the other side accepted may present a problem). On the other hand, changing your mind after you have signed or agreed precludes retraction. Absent compelling reasons for not holding up to your end of the bargain, you will be a party to a contract." ("Contracts," 2004) As there is no proof of acceptance in this case of the initial offer, however, the buyer Bronson is in the clear and can keep his mower to the chagrin of Mason and Peters.

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