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Job: Contributor Intern

My thoughts on how the media portrays women and body image

The influence media wields in our lives cannot be overstated. In addition to shaping our opinions, the media also moulds public discourse and largely configures public debate on a wide range of issues. Most importantly, especially with regard to this discussion, the media also has great influence on how we perceive others -- particularly women. For the media, thinness and good looks, which could be further enhanced using a plethora of beauty products, constitute the ideal feminine look. The most desirable women, at least according to the media, are the ones that tend to be tall and slender. This is the ideal female body presented by the media.

I strongly believe that regardless of their height or body size, women (in general) could further enhance their looks by, at least, having some sense of fashion. For instance, there are fashionable outfits out there that are designed for, and indeed look good on, curvy women. However, there is also need for ladies to, at the very least, to take good care of their bodies (i.e., by regularly working out) so as to maintain even more appealing looks. In addition to helping maintain an attractive look, regular workouts are good for the health and well-being of the entire body. In the final analysis, therefore, I wouldn't say that media's portrayal of women is entirely erroneous. Instead, it is exaggerated. Although every woman has the potential to look good, there is need to, for instance, maintain an ideal body weight, so as to enhance such looks even more.

How the contributor intern, in Respoke -- Kire Media LLC Company, experience will help me

The above mentioned role will be of… [END OF PREVIEW]

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