Case Study: Controversy and Disagreement Have Plagued

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[. . .] Both this and the condition of the lungs can be related to Mr. Hodor's weight, which is close to obese.

The rationale behind the cardiac exam is to determine its connection with Mr. Hodor's shortness of breath and chronic fatigue. It is expected that connections will be found among these physical factors and Mr. Hodor's weight, as well as blood pressure. These are all highly significant risk factors in terms of Mr. Hodor's cardiac family history.

A third examination will be for hypertension, which appears to be highly probably at a blood pressure of 166/98 mmHg. Along with the high heart rate, this is a significant risk factor for heart disease.

According to Baba et al. (2007), obesity has a highly adverse effect on blood pressure and heart rate, even in young people. It is therefore highly likely that that the root of Mr. Hodor's problem resides in this factor. Once this is addressed, it is likely that his other symptoms will be mitigated and his risk decreased.

When documenting his consultation, I would start by listing Mr. Hodor's chief complaint, which includes shortness of breath and chronic fatigue. After this, I would list the HPI, or History of Present Illness, which includes cardiovascular and respiratory conditions that have worsened over time. The next part of the report will focus on PFSH, or the patient's past, family, and social history. In this, the family history of cardiac conditions is of the greatest importance, since cardiac conditions can be inherited. My assessment component and plan component will include various strategies to help Mr. Hodor lose weight and increase his fitness level.


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