Controversy With Regard to Personal Essay

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While some people try to get away from stress, others such as top athletes live from it and actually come to reach greatness as a result of the fact that they concentrate on their pain.

Motivation is, in Waitley's opinion, one of the principal ideas that differentiate a successful person from one who keeps failing. Individuals who keep failing are likely to do so because they only focus on the road to a particular goal instead of also thinking at the goal itself. This keeps them from truly understanding what it is they are fighting for and is what makes it difficult and almost impossible to reach their goals.

The book proceeds to describe how success is only attainable if the person interested in it is willing to engage in activities that pose a degree of risk. As long as a person is determined to achieve his or her goals, he or she should not be hesitant on account of how this keeps them safe. Being safe is, in many cases, equivalent to being unable to reach one's goals and can thus be the key to failure. Waitley is not necessarily interested in telling people that they shouldn't feel safe, as he tries to influence the masses to accept that life needs to involve a series of risks in order for the individual to be able to progress rapidly as long as he or she wants this.

From my opinion, the most interesting concepts in "The Psychology of Winning" involves ideas like optimism and enthusiasm. These two values enable individuals to overcome their fears and to keep fighting in times when most people would quit.

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Essay on Controversy With Regard to Personal Assignment

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