Coping With Stress Term Paper

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Coping With Stress

This work intends to examine the various methods that have been posited to be effective in coping with psychological stress. Stress may occur in relation to home, family, work, social and political matters as well as economic and health-related matters in the life if the individual. There are coping skills that result in positive outcomes for the individual. As well there are coping skills will result in negative outcomes in the life of the individual experiencing stress. The work of Grohol (2005) entitled: "Coping with Stress" relates that it has been indicated in research that "people drink as a means of coping with modern life and its accompanying economic stress, job stress and marital discord." Additionally stated by Grohol is that "stress is often accompanied by an array of physical reactions. These symptoms can be characteristic of other physical or mental disorders." (2005)

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Coping With Stress Assignment

The Mayo Clinic offers tips for coping with stress and states that "unusual levels of stress can negatively impact" the ability of the individual in accomplishing their goals and in the maintenance of good health. (2008) Stress is described as "the condition we experience when demands exceed our ability to cope..." (Mayo Clinic, 2008) the Mayo Clinic states that it is important to identify the triggers of stress. Because the individual is unique genetically and insofar as their personality and the experiences they have had in life, the triggers that result in the individual experiencing stress are different and unique for each individual. While one individual might become stressed in a social setting, another individual would feel no stress in the same setting. Suggestions offered by the Mayo Clinic for coping with stress include the following: (1) Keep a stress journal; (2) Make a list of all the demands on your time and energy for one week; (3) Improve your time management skills; and (4) Overcome burnout. (Mayo Clinic, 2008)One can improve their time management skills through: (1) creation of realistic expectations and deadlines for oneself; (2) throw away unimportant papers on ones' desk and prepare a master list of tasks; (3) throughout the day, scan the master list and work on tasks in order of their priority; (4) use a planner, stores addresses and phone numbers in the planner, copy tasks from the master list onto the page for the day in which they are expected to be accomplished; and (5) reserve time that is free of interruptions to accomplish specifically important or difficult projects. (Mayo Clinic, 2008) Overcoming burnout requires: (1) taking care of oneself; (2) developing friendships at work and outside of work; (3) taking time off; (4) setting of limits; (5) choosing battles wisely; (6) having an outlet such as a hobby or working out; and (7) seeking help. (Mayo Clinic, 2008)


Stress management techniques reported by the Stress Management Health Center include coping strategies such as: (1) writing; (2) expression of ones' feelings; and (3) Mindfulness activities. (2008) Mindfulness activities assist the individual to relax their mind and may be combined with relaxation exercises that are "body-centered" and include the following:

Autogenic training: this technique includes six standard type exercises that assist the body to relax. Each exercise involves the use of visualization and verbal cues for relaxing the body in some specific way;

Self-hypnosis: This involves opening the mind to stress-relieving suggestions… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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