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Generally, Kudler Fine Foods has been able to achieve its stated vision, mission, and values in the past. While the structure and operation of the venture is still strong, the organization faces considerable challenges posed by the unique nature of its services and (especially) by the current economic recession that has affected all non-essential consumer products and services.

Validating the Organizational Vision, Mission, and Values Statements

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Validating the Kudler Fine Foods vision, mission, and values statements is largely a matter of determining whether the organization's statements in that regard satisfy the four essential criteria (George & Jones, 2008; Locker, 2006; Robbins & Judge, 2009): namely, they must describe the principal purpose and function of the business ("what?"), the reason for its existence ("why?") target audience ("who"), the manner through which it hopes to achieve its mission ("how?"), and it must define its stakeholders ("who?"). In the case of Kudler Fine Foods, the principal purpose of the organization is to produce and sell the highest-quality wholesome foods; the underlying motivation (besides financial success) is to enhance the health and welfare of customers and to promote environmental consciousness; the stakeholders are customers, investors, and the general public; and the means through which the organization hopes to achieve its stated objectives is by procuring the best possible produce and edible goods in general and by utilizing organic farm suppliers in particular (Kudler, 2003).

Internal Environmental Analysis Sources (Strengths and Weaknesses)

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The appropriate sources for the internal environment analysis as pertains to strengths include the company information detailing the size of the organization, the available public information necessary for the identification and assessment of any direct competition, various sources of customer profiles and needs (such as surveys), and company data detailing the proportion of repeat patronage (George & Jones, 2008; Kudler, 2003; Robbins & Judge, 2009).… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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