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[. . .] The concentrated location of the freshman on the North Campus of the institution makes the freshman an ideal market that can be the object of a great deal of advertising, from posters to staged publicity events, with a relative minimum of cost. Entertainment and the social aspect of Ivy League sports can be stressed, given that parties and other celebrations of victory or defeat can spill over into this area of the campus, and also because traditionally, the communality rather than the athletic excellence of League athletics is the main reason for attendance at games.

Incentives such as free admission for freshman would encourage attendance, as well as specifically targeting sports of greater interest, such as basketball, where certain Cornell athletes excel. Using booster club's donations to facilitate transportation and discounted paraphernalia to freshman, and deploying select free events such as having the basketball team give away prizes at the common eating facilities or having 'shot competitions' at halftime could also be selectively deployed in a selective fashion to this young population of Cornell.

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