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[. . .] Customer Base: Far broader, drawing on a much larger non-Cornell base. Also more of a focus on marketable men's games and spectator sports, as opposed to less popular female and boutique sports, like crew and lacrosse.

Reputation: Depending on team and sport, reputation for giving 'better game' in professional sports, overall, Ivy League athletes, fairly or unfairly, looked upon in a dim fashion.

Financial Position: More leeway to experiment, as profit margin higher.

Business Strategy: Marketing of high profile sports, teams, and professional athletes The most important strengths we possess and the best opportunities we face are:

First: There is a heightened disillusionment with professional athletes, given recent doping scandals, and a heightened interest in amateur and less popular sports, given the recent Summer Games.

Second: As college admissions becomes more difficult and competitive, alumni are interested in returning to, and giving back to the school

Third: A renewed interest in community and belonging will contribute to greater interest in returning to college and alumni events, especially athletics.

Fourth: A possible sense of disillusionment with Harvard, given Cornell's greater emphasis on professional preparation for the 'real world,' as manifested in the presence of its hospitality, business, and agricultural schools.

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