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Through, this book, readers come to know as so many special and remarkable people had very ordinary jobs. However, their exploits can never be gone or forgotten as long as people read books such as this. His later writers for instance Steven Ambrose, rely very heavily on Ryan but failed to imprison the sheer scale of the exercise, and the range of experiences as well as the remarkable circumstances individuals found themselves in; at the same time still transmit the pure planned and premeditated sweep of the operation.

Fascinatingly a few recent authors claimed to be 'definitive' still did not credit Ryan in their sources, and drew their own conclusions. However, much of enjoyable is Ryan's enclosure of the various nationalities engaged on all sides. The reader actually gets a real image of the unbelievable common effort of troops who were ordinary people before and after the war and came from many countries allied against the Axis.

Thus, newly in print for the first time in years, the book is the classic story of the invasion of Normandy, as well as a book that last as a masterwork of living history. It gives a forceful story of bravery and valor, and at the same time blaze and calamity and disaster. Therefore, the book, The Longest Day thoroughly recreated the significant and critical hours that led and followed the huge attack of Normandy to retell.

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Moreover, being a very highly recommended book, where most readers even those who have no interest in military or history books may find it not possible to put down, although the conclusion of the story is well-known since Cornelius Ryan brings astonishing simplicity and clearness to the multi-faceted D-Day operation, letting his readers to go through the events of June 6, 1944 from perspectives of many:

German perspective,

French perspective,

British perspective,

Canadian perspective, and American perspective

However, one of the weaknesses in the story of The Longest Day was prevaricate, and that it did not contain any maps, that would have been helpful for a geographically challenged readers.

Term Paper on Cornlius Ryan, One of the Assignment

The author thrust into details about each and everything involved with D-Day, and simply not just shooting and fighting such as he detailed the stories about newlyweds, families at home, then converted gamblers, and that too not just from one end but from both sides of the beach.

Thus, the book goes from top to bottom of the chain of command, then Supreme Commander to private soldier, giving all about their stories narrated in an impressive style, but another weakness was that they were not long winded. Such as, the reading flys by, and the reader will have to hang on to the book, or so it'll feel. However, it never gets slow, and moves from one page to another with a purpose that many books don't have.

It is an excellent book, for both the serious historian as well as casual reader equally. His well -researched account of possibly the most significant single day in the 20th Century drew simultaneously a vast amount of accurate and based on facts data from the records of all sides, witnessed by hundreds of eye who viewed Ryan collecting the information where besides having researched published papers, he also tracked down 700 D-Day survivors and put their experiences together into the breathtaking narrative in the form of The Longest day.

Thus, the book that is presented to the reader is a tremendously readable as well as balanced style that provides the thoughts, feelings, horrors as well as the orders of the day.


It is a fact that those who were involved in armed conflict can comprehend more and can explain the dismay, terror and detestation that was built in normal human beings who fought in a war. Thus, this masterpiece by Ryan introduce the same, and described the real men who fought on the beaches of Normandy not only from the allies point-of-view, but also the Germans who were also very brave soldiers and which usually people forget that they were human beings also.

Thus, the Longest Day tells the story of the hours that preceded and followed H-Hour of D-Day as not a military history but actually the story of people I-e the story of men of the Allied forces, the foe… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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