Corporate Ethical Breaches Essay

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In order to avoid situation that took place in Enron Corp. there are some actions that should be taken within an organization. First of all, there should be analysis of culture within the organization including norms of behavior, standards of conduct, values, perspective of attitudes, perceptions, pressures to commit misconduct, communications, risks and vulnerabilities. The Code of Ethics should be complied by Board Members and Senior Executives as well as by all employees. Measures they recommend should include staff training, evaluations of compliance systems, appropriate funding and staffing of the corporate ethics office. An organization has to make sure that consulting and auditing are separated while financing auditing has its independence with integrity. Moreover, managing proper communication regarding expectations, requirements, goals and roles at all levels is significant to constitute ethical behavior within an organization. Establishing an Ethics Committee helps to focus on ethical conduct and empower employees to make decisions according to organization's values. (Gilman, Harned, Navran, & Brown, 2009)

Enron and other corporations need better financial disclosure mechanisms. The Financial Accounting Standards Board, responsible for rule making in the area, has to create regulations and standards that are more forthright and understandable to ordinary people. In addition, corporations need more responsible public servants, instead of creating more laws. We need to teach people to be responsible for what they have done, just as we have held the business people to accountability.


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Essay on Corporate Ethical Breaches in Recent Assignment

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