Corporate Management Strategic Objectives the Bushmead Housing Case Study

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Corporate Management

Strategic objectives

The Bushmead Housing Association was formed in 1991 and it has since undergone various change processes. Today, the entity is becoming more focused on playing an important role within the community and has as such redesigned its business model. Its emphasis falls on the provision of high quality service which help the population, but also they strive to do so in a manner that is sustainable from the business standpoint. In this order of ideas, the company has established the following strategic objectives:

An increase in the levels of operational efficiency

The provision of high quality services for the population in need of housing

The continued growth and development of the firm.

Operational efficiency

The operational efficiency targeted would revolve around the maximization of the beneficial results, concomitantly with a minimization of the resources utilized. The company aims to increase the number of people served by 10 per cent in the following year, and it hopes to do this within the same resources available, rather than engage new ones.

2. High quality services

When the Bushmead Housing Association entered the non-profit sector, it did so in an effort to help the populations in need. Today, it restates this commitment and strives to provide help at the utmost highest standards of quality.

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In attaining its objectives then, the non-for profit housing entity would strive to serve the needs of its various stakeholder categories. Emphasis would be placed on the creation of a favorable working environment which supports the personal and professional development of the individuals; the provision of good housing spaces and the adjacent assistance to those who need it or the overall commitment to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

3. Growth and development

TOPIC: Case Study on Corporate Management Strategic Objectives the Bushmead Housing Assignment

As it has been mentioned so far, the organization is committed to sustained growth and development in an effort to provide high quality products and services. Still, in order to ensure that the quality of its services increases, the company must also develop itself. At this level, some specific targets include the following:

An increase in the funds available by 10 per cent annually through the diversification of the sources of income

An increase of 10 per cent in the properties owned and operated, and last

The gradual renovation of 50 per cent of the properties owned so far in order to align them with modern day living standards and requirements.

All these three sets of objectives are crucial for the company, and it is difficult to prioritize one over the other. Still, the basis for attaining them is represented by sustainable growth and development.

2. Critical success factors

As the company has set out its objectives, it is now important to identify the activities which need to be completed in order to ensure that these objectives are attained. The lines below pin point to these activities to be undertaken by the firm:

1. Sustainable growth and development

The identification of the current needs of the served population

The alignment of the services offered with the needs forwarded

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