Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives Essay

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These bodies may consist of a high official and other managers that are in the organization. The body may also consist of a specialist in the field of ethics. The monitoring body would have their own set of rules to follow in different situations. These bodies may also conduct audits about ethics in the company and may also analyze complaints about ethics violations (Dubrin 74-105)

Written Codes of Conduct

The managers may also instruct the employees to follow specific codes of conduct in order to make them moral and socially responsible. These codes usually ask the employees to behave with integrity. These codes may cover general or specific aspects such as behavior with colleagues and the highest value of the gifts that one can receive from a vendor. (Dubrin 74-105)

Communication about Ethics

The managers can talk to their employees about ethics and its advantages to the individuals and to the corporation. The top managers may also persuade the employees to think about the helpless people and the corporation's social responsibility towards them. The communication can be done either in one big group discussion or several small team meeting focusing on the social issues and the employees may also suggest solutions to them. (Dubrin 74-105)

Role Models

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Another strong step that can be taken by the managers is to be the Role Models for the employees. This will require the managers to train themselves to be the role models for the employees to follow. To attain that, the managers must themselves react in ethical ways in different situations. Thus making a perspective in the whole corporation that ethical behavior is appreciated. This approach is very likely to have positive results as it uses role models. Most of the employees are influenced by their supervisors and the people they work with. So, if a manager treats everyone fairly and is not biased, then the employees working under him will be like him and morality will prevail all over. (Dubrin 74-105)

Encouraging Confrontation

Essay on Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives a Assignment

The managers can also train the employees to confront the person who is showing unethical behavior. This would lead to the minimization of unethical behavior. For instance, someone stealing something could be asked that how would he feel if a person will steal from his business. However, this may lead to further fights which would itself be unethical in nature. (Dubrin 74-105)

Training about Ethics

It is also a very important step as it includes the making up of the mind of an employ. Training usually includes messages from higher officials and classes and exercises in ethics. The company may also include the implementation of their code of conduct in the training. The legislation about ethics is also a part of the training. (Dubrin 74-105)


Corporate social responsibility initiatives are very important for a corporation to be socially acceptable. It also affects the reputation of the organization in home and overseas markets. In addition to these initiatives, the company must also strive hard to create a workplace that is socially acceptable. Both components make a vital part of the company's ethical structure.

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