Corporate Social Responsibility Report Research Paper

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In the report, the company recognizes that it operates within a finite natural environment that provides numerous opportunities but also confers constraints.

Since it functions in the energy industry, one of the major goals of sustainable development initiatives by this company is environmental protection. EPS tries to ensure that it meets the needs of the present community and generation through ways that do not hurt the capability of future generations to meet their own needs. The organization's sustainable development initiatives focus on achieving a high degree of energy efficiency and improved environmental protection. Therefore, EPS conducts rehabilitations, overhauls, and upgrade of generation capacities to achieve these goals. These initiatives are accompanied with rational use of coal as an energy resource for the country. EPS is the leader in Serbia energy industry because of heavy investments in coal quality control, energy efficiency, and implementation of projects that are geared towards environmental protection. The use of state-of-the-art technologies in current power plants to accomplish these objectives demonstrates that EPS is a socially responsible company or organization.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility Report Assignment

The third element of corporate social responsibility included in this sustainability report is the strategy and society aspect, which is primarily described as the link between a company's competitive advantage and the society. The report clearly demonstrates the point of intersection between EPS and the society, the major social issues to address, and initiatives that contribute to organizational and societal benefits. The link between this firm and the society is the need to achieve energy efficiency and improved protection of the environment while the major social issue to address is meeting the energy needs of the population but lessening the negative impacts brought by this process. The company's initiatives to achieve this goal include using better means to generate energy and providing considerable financial support to educational, health, scientific, and cultural resources as well as investing in several humanitarian campaigns.

Suggestions for Improvement:

While EPS sustainability report provides several insights regarding the company's initiatives towards being a socially responsible organization, it does not cover all aspects of corporate social responsibility report. One of the major areas with minimal information on how the company is socially responsible is related to the organization and its stakeholders i.e. employees. Employees are one of the most important groups affecting or affected by the organization's policies, decisions, and operation. Therefore, the organization needs to develop strong relationships with these stakeholders because they add value to the company in relation to the accomplishment of established business objectives.

While the company has heavily invested in other stakeholders such as the community or customers, it seems to have minimal investments on employees who add value and contribute to realization or organizational goals. The report only recognizes the need for planned and organized development of employees' professional competencies but does provide details of established programs or processes that help in achieving this goal. Even though the significance and value of employees are recognized in the report, the company does not seem to have ongoing programs for training and career development of this stakeholder. Therefore, the link between the organization and its most important stakeholder i.e. employees is very weak, which necessitates improvement in order to enhance the organization's effectiveness. This implies that there is a huge need for the firm to focus on its internal stakeholders.

The second suggestion for improvement is the need to demonstrate how the application of state-of-the-art technologies helps to deal with environmental concerns like global climate change. This is primarily because these technologies are applied in generating energy from coal, which is a major cause of global warming that affects individuals, the society, and the ecosystem. In order to demonstrate that it is a socially responsible organization, EPS needs to focus on increased use of renewable energy sources while applying these technologies.

In conclusion, Serbia EPS sustainability report provides significant insights on how the company is acting as a socially responsible organization across all its operations. Based on the need to achieve a high degree of energy efficiency and enhanced environmental protection, the company has implemented various initiatives to achieve this goal while being socially responsible. However, there is need for Serbia EPS to focus more on its internal stakeholders and increase use of renewable energy sources while applying latest technologies.

Work Cited:

Report on Corporate Social Responsibility. Rep. no. COBISS.SR-ID 186415116. Belgrade: PE Electric Power Industry of Serbia, 2011. Print. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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