Corrections Issue of Gang Violence Term Paper

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According to report by the FBI, various gang groups are involving sophisticated structures and technological approaches, most of which have not been realized by the public. Nonetheless, education and knowledge creation to the public has paved the way for security and citizen collaboration in ending cases of gang violence in the country.

Recommendations, on how to mitigate the issue in the future

Gang violence is an incredulous happening that should be stopped in any society. The origin of gang violence should be investigated in order to have a comprehensive understanding that will stop any probable occurrence in the future. A clear understanding of the reason that perpetuates gang violence should be given much concern for future security and stability. The FBI should conduct innate research into possible causes of gang violence in every department of state. Such study should focus at bringing out the immediate reasons for crime activities in the human society. After identification, it is necessary to have consequential mechanisms that will work to offer solutions to such problems. When this is done continuously, problems concerning gang violence will be reduced dramatically in the future society.

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Furthermore, education on effects of gang violence should be intensified among the people. Education and training help to create more awareness and motivation to individuals who have plans to engage in gang crimes. Amidst some of the causes of crime and gang violence in the society are idleness, discrimination, hate, and other negative perpetuations among human societies. With the education of the public and creation of more avenues of human activity and interaction, gang violence will be reduced in the future.

How the Recommendations would influence inmate rights and procedures for protecting those rights

Term Paper on Corrections Issue of Gang Violence Assignment

The recommendations above play significant roles in helping the individuals of gang violence as the inmates, free members of the public, and the nation as a whole. Inmates are part of the members of the public who should be open to education and training as regards effects of gang violence in the human society. The individual rights of the inmates will be placed above those of the judicial mechanisms. Moreover, they will serve to offer equitable coexistence and justified assumptions being made of individuals judged with gang violence in the society. The recommendations will open new approaches of perceiving crime in the society. Such perception will influence the rights and influence of the inmates in prison. For instance, education on human rights will replenish inmate freedom and access to basic amenities and needs like enough space and good judgement from the concerned protocols.

The recommendations prescribed above are instrumental in outlining procedures used to cater for individuals who are found with crime activities in the society. The recommendations are part of the rules and regulations that are used to provide guidelines on how to respond to immediate and long-term aspects of gang violence in the society. Moreover, the recommendations will serve to restrict on how the legal procedures established will cater for the gang violence victims now and in the future (Clear, 2012).

Final Critical Corrections of gang violence Project:

State of Georgia correction agencies on correctional

In the State of Georgia, several measures have been put in place in order to curb occurrence of gang violence. Within the departments of correction are facilities that help gang inmates to get reformations and rehabilitation programs. These programs include local jails, funding programs from the government and other support mechanisms and non-governmental organizations, together with religious associations and movements. Moreover, the state and federal government has been on the forefront of bringing sanity in prisons through decongesting and providing immediate surveillance materials within the prisons. These aspects guide in establishing a good basement for ending gang violence in the world.

Explanation of findings as relates overcrowding and prison funding

Overcrowding in prisons is a common and critical issue that should be handled by the respective board members within prisons. As far as measures have been put in place to cater for individual development after recovering, procedures are put forth to cater for this these procedures should be immediate and not perpetuating further influence of gang behaviours among inmates. Many inmates are living in societies or prisons that are congested with little freedom. Funding and other support mechanisms will be directed at establishing a good ground for ending gang violence in the country. Part of the recommendations will work towards the establishment of structures like rehabilitation centres, schools, training institutions and colleges for inmates and individual people as a whole. Such programs will relinquish efforts by the security personnel and the government to end cases of gang violence in the United States of America.

Analysis of the recommendations

The recommendations put forth are feasible. Feasibility is notable in the sense that the problems being experienced by many states in the world are central to human interactions and how they relate with one another. Measures to navigate reasons for gang violence are evident and related throughout the violence domain in the world. Therefore, it makes imminent sense to have a common ground for controlling and managing violence due to the establishment of gang groups in society. Moreover, the recommendations are imperative and comparative in nature. They touch on the immediate actions that are supposed to be done in order to alleviate human involvement in gang activities (Fleisher & Krienert, 2003).


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