Corrections/Police - Criminal Justice Contemporary Essay

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Rehabilitation is good but correctional centers should not merely rely on just rehabilitating but the inmates should also be encouraged to be part of the restoration justice movement which is in place. Not all offenders are willing to transform; therefore, prisons become part of a restorative justice system to such. (Lozoff Bo, 2012)

Housing for inmates is also a matter that should be delved into such that the older and more experienced prisoners should not be mixed with young offenders since the older ones prey on the younger ones since this gives the older ones the opportunity to register the young ones into criminal jail gangs. Wardens and correctional administrators should undergo continuous inspections as well as allow public scrutiny to ensure minimal abuse against inmates.

Officer burnout comes as a result of the hectic lifestyle of an officer. Massive stress coupled with work and the constant demands to be met contribute to the burn out. I t does not occur instantly but comes on gradually and can cause physical or mental distress. Symptoms differ from one person to the other but fatigue is common to all.

Courts decisions of sentencing inmates to serve a long-term in jail leaves the wardens with carefree attitude and use this time to punish inmates (Fangmeier A. Robert, 2012). The other implication is the large population of even petty offenders being sent to prisons juts on the grounds of being repeat offenders hence the crowding.

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According to the scenario given a chance to talk to the supervisor, I would immediately let him know that having established the challenges faced in the prisons, the solution would not be to run away but to help facilitating the reforms that are needed, being that he is in the highest position within the institution.

The short-term measures that I would institute would be to get to know what each officer and officials within the facility think just like the supervisor and record their feelings and observations. This will then form my basis for lobbying for state funding and implementation of changes within the institution as the long-term measures.

TOPIC: Essay on Corrections/Police - Criminal Justice Contemporary Assignment

It's unfortunate that such cynicism exists, yet sadly it is the representation of the entire picture. Even other justice systems like the police also feel this same burnouts and cynicism toward their job. This is also a paradigm experienced even in other occupations where people constantly talk ill of their bosses and jobs and how much they want to change professions.


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