Corrections - Probation Criminal Justice Term Paper

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Corrections - Probation

Criminal Justice

Corrections & Probation-

The objective of this work is to answer the question of precisely what purpose the pre-sentence investigation reports serves inclusive of a victim impact statement and to relate some problems that are associated with these documents. Further this work has as its objective to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the ways in which probation may be administered. Next this work will relate the advantages and disadvantages of probation being administered on a county level and on a state level. Finally the elements that affect whether probation is granted will be researched and then related.

Pre-sentencing Report

The pre-sentencing report is just as it sounds a report that is prepared prior to the sentencing hearing. The report contains relevant information related to the hopeful probationer concerning their income, employment, address, family characteristics, and any medications/treatment/rehabilitation presently applicable.

II. Victim Impact Statement

The Victim-Impact Statement is a report that relates the effect to which the victim in the case at hand was injured on a monetary basis and then used for the calculation of the reparation to be paid by the probationer as a contingent factor of their obtaining and maintaining probationary status.

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Term Paper on Corrections - Probation Criminal Justice Corrections & Assignment

Both advantages and disadvantages exist in the methods used to administer probation. Administration of fees, fines, restitutions, and supervision of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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