Correlations, or Discrepancies Essay

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The federal government focuses on sex trafficking and prostitution and does not spend sufficient resources investigating other modern forms of slavery (Destefano, 2007).

Another theme about slavery is that, while it may be extremely secretive, slaves interact with society as a whole. Healthcare providers are likely to encounter victims of human trafficking. In fact, 28% of trafficked women saw a health care provider while still in captivity (Dovydaitis, 2011). Therefore, having front-line workers, such as health professionals, aware of how to spot and report trafficking is critical.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Another recurring theme about slavery is the global nature of human trafficking. All countries are source points for human trafficking. Furthermore, globalization makes it difficult to track victims of trafficking (Jones, Engstrom, Hilliard, & Diaz, 2007). Some countries aggressively go after traffickers, while other countries are more tolerant of the practice. For example, China is believed to have a significant human trafficking problem, but its procedures for prosecuting traffickers lack transparency and there are far fewer prosecutions than suspected incidents of slavery (Lagon, 2008). However, many nations are attempting to really fight human trafficking. For example, Cambodia is considered a hub of human trafficking in Southeast Asia (Lindstrom, 2008). However, the country is attempting to combat the problem and help stop illegal trafficking (Lindstrom, 2008). Given that governmental apathy helps contribute to the problem of human trafficking, these efforts may prove very beneficial. However, some countries are taking a victim-first approach that should help combat trafficking. For example, in Scotland the Equality and Human Rights Commission's chair was seeking to talk to victims of trafficking to help understand it from the perspective of a person who [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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