Essay: Cosmetics Industry Is Currently Developing

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¶ … cosmetics industry is currently developing at a rapid pace, as more and more emphasis is being placed on beauty and youth. Additionally, the modern day society is also evolving at a fast pace, with technologic advancements and a rapid rhythm characterizing virtually all aspects of life.

In such a setting, the demand for cosmetics is not only increasing, but it is also changing. This translates into a new process of purchase decision making, constructed on a series of stages. In this order of ideas, the expected purchase process is likely to include the following steps:

The identification of the need for the cosmetics product

The real need for the product, as opposed to the impulse to buy -- this stage would become more important now, in times of economic crisis, and reduction of discretionary income

The inquisition towards the identification of the product's ability to serve the specified need, or the commodity in using the respective item.

In terms of the people that would influence the purchase decision, these could include the vendors, the manufacturers or the people in the entourage of the prospective buyer. The manufacturers could attract the individual towards the product; the vendors could provide more information and the friends could provide positive or negative feedback, after having used the item.

As it can be observed, there are a wide number of factors which influence the purchase decision for the towelettes. These factors are both internal, as well as external. At the internal level for instance, some factors could include the real and/or perceived need a potential customers might have for the respective… [END OF PREVIEW]

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