Cost Analysis of Search Case Study

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Costs to other animals might include the 'macro' costs of breeding dogs specifically for their ability to track scents. This could indirectly fuel the industry of breeding dogs, versus focusing on finding homes for dogs of mixed origin. There are also 'costs' to the environment in terms of viewing animals as creatures to serve humans, and viewing the natural world as a tool rather than something with integrity in and of itself. Dogs may be called to rescue skiers who imprudently went out on a mountain that was too steep for them, or asked to rescue swimmers who jumped into water with no lifeguard present. This forces the dog to risk their lives for a human being who needlessly risked his own (Gunn & Ralston 20100.

Costs to humans include the costs of breeding and raising the dogs, as well as the time devoted to training them. Most of the handlers are volunteers, and receive no compensation for their efforts. They must also care for the dog if it becomes sick or injured during its lifetime. The investment is considerable: "Handlers must earn and retain certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid, learn how to maintain a crime scene, and attend sessions in other aspects of search and rescue work: (Woolf 2010). The rigorous testing and certification process can take months or years for a dog to be certified (SARDUS rescue, 2011, SARDUS).

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Indirect costs to humans include the costs of having the dogs run through a disaster site, and the costs of possible false hope if the individual cannot be found who is being tracked down. Also, there are undeniable costs for the deployment of the dogs as part of a formal law enforcement effort.

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Case Study on Cost Analysis of Search & Assignment

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