Cost of Education Essay

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5 percent, or $9.2 billion” (Bendix, 2018). With a dwindling budget, further cuts will be seen in public school spending. For example, new books will not be purchased. Grants will not be allotted as much as they were before. People will also receive less assistance for paying for school (Bendix, 2018).

Looking at the past, it was widely accepted for higher learning to be free or low-cost. Back in 1927, society believed students should not pay or pay very little for college. This was because many of the students went into ministry and so people believed such efforts benefited society and thus compensated this key area in policy. However, as more people went to college and schools moved away from the ministry-centered philosophy, the cost of higher learning rose. “Sure enough, in the years that followed, as the national economy tanked, and colleges moved further away from the ministry-centric mission they had once espoused, many of the country’s best schools raised tuition” (Rothman, 2016).

Proverbs is an excellent place to look for education-centered Scripture because it elicits a response from the reader of ‘knowledge is sacred’. Proverbs 1:5 “Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance” (Various Authors, 2008). If more people do not gain a chance to become wise, the country may suffer from it. God wants His people to be wise, to seek guidance from the Word of God. However, if there is no chance for people to learn unless they have the money to do so, this land could become one that lacks wisdom and the connection to God.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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One of the main issues discussed in the Kraft and Furlong text is higher education expenses (Kraft & Furlong, 2017). These expenses are severely hampering the progress made by young adults in America now. Education policy reforms mentioned like school vouchers and charter schools are just one part of a complex narrative that requires first and foremost, additional funding. Bills should not be passed to increase tax credits for education spending. Rather, higher learning costs should be greatly reduced by diverting military spending to education.

Essay on The Cost of Education Assignment

The United States government has done the opposite of what it should be doing regarding public education. They have invested more in the military and less in everything especially education. It is up to the American public to demand their right to free or low-cost education be honored. For God is one that wants wise people because wise people want to learn and understand the word of God.

In conclusion, many consider education an inalienable right. The Bible refers many times to the importance of wisdom and knowledge. The people of the United States of America deserve the right to a free or low-cost education. However, thanks to the Trump Administration, and efforts from previous Administrations, there have been success budget cut to the Department of Education and therefore public education in general. Students have now had to take out large student loans just to cover basic college fees. This may result in a ‘dumbing down’ of the general population and the opportunities afforded to the previous generation like high-paying careers and financial independence may not be certain for this generation and future generations.


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