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Costa Coffee operates as part of the Whitebread Group as something of an anomaly. While the company as a whole operates such enterprises as 'budget' hotels, Costa Coffee is more of a premium-focused enterprise. "The coffee business, for the last six years run by John Derkach, operates as a very separate business unit and there has been speculation for some time that it would be spun off.[footnoteRef:21]" Laws that permit the coffee chain to do so might be beneficial, given that it operates on a much different business model than the rest of Whitebread. [21: Simon Bowers, "Whitebread shuffle brews talk of sale or float," The Guardian, April 3, 2011, accessed July 23, 2012 at]

Other legal aspects impacting Costa has been the decision of the United Kingdom to 'opt out' of the Euro, freeing the chain from some of the worst of the economic instability and concern that has been plaguing so much of Europe.


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Although Costa Coffee has exceeded Starbucks in both sales and brand recognition within the United Kingdom, its American rival does have an advantage over Costa in terms of its environmentalist or ethical branding. Of "Starbucks, Costa or Caffe Nero. Only Starbucks sells Fairtrade coffee.[footnoteRef:22]" Still, Costa Coffee advertises itself as providing 'responsible coffee' and also notes "with no coffee farmers, there would be no distinctively rich Costa coffee. That's why, in 2006, the Costa Foundation was set up to give something back to the communities from which we source our coffee beans.[footnoteRef:23]" [22: Welch 2011.] [23: "Responsible coffee," Costa Coffee Website, accessed July 23, 2012 at]


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