Many Costs of Racism Essay

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Racism is presently a much discussed matter, and because of the conditions in the U.S., people there constantly go through great efforts in an attempt to ameliorate the situation. Racism is present in almost any environment in the country due to the diverse cultures and people in the territory. The hatred that certain people express because of their reluctance to accept others as equals brings serious detriments to society, with the U.S. being a prime example of the consequences that racism has.

Joe Feagin and Karyn McKinney's book, "The Many Costs of Racism," concentrates on the resistance that black individuals experience in their struggle to succeed in a society that is dominated by white people. One can even claim that the book brings into light the fact that America is different for black people in comparison to how white individuals perceive it.

In order for them to live through every day without encountering major impediments, black people need to come up with complex strategies intended for the effects of racism to be less important for them.

In a white dominated community, white people are taught that unfairness is wrong and that it is especially detrimental for the persons being targeted. However, they are not taught that they have more chances to receive preferential treatment because they are white.

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Not only does skin color represent a strong reason to discriminate, but it also stands as a motive to favor particular individuals. It seems that in the civilized world majorities are taught to discriminate minorities without feeling guilty and without admitting the advantage that they hold.

Feagin and McKinney want people to understand that racial discrimination is not something long gone from the American landscape. For them, discrimination is still alive and kicking today and its consequences are sometimes even more frustrating due to the subtleness which accompanies it.

Essay on Many Costs of Racism Assignment

The county as a whole suffers because of racism, as it brings damage to the nation's economy, to its physical health, and to the mental health of its individuals. The book presents methodical studies drawn from a series of sources, ranging from interviews with black individuals to materials written by scholars.

Earnings, life expectancy, and culture are just some of the domains where black people are less addressed, thus making them less capable of integrating society as equals. Matters are made worse because of the indifference in the U.S., with numerous people being either uninterested in the situation, or simply being naive, certain that racism is not something their country suffers from.

Not noticing that racism exists and it is a frequently practiced act would virtually mean to be ignorant to what goes on around. Discrimination based on skin color is constantly expressed in a large number of settings. One would simply have to access the internet looking for a particular topic, and the respective person is likely to come across examples of racism, which, regardless of their intensity, are harmful for society.

Racism is actually enforced by the concept that everyone is racist more or less. A lot of people are not racist and they are less likely to develop racist beliefs in the future, while the people presently having racist convictions can be taught concerning the damaging effects that discrimination has on society and even on themselves.

When considering organizations and the work place, racism is one of the essential elements that can bring serious harm to the overall condition of firms. In addition to the fact that it damages society, racism can also bring detriments to companies because of the fact that it ruins the working environment and can influence some into producing less satisfying services as they experience stress trying to cope with their everyday lives.

Most employers are aware that inequalities in the work place materialize in fewer profits made by their companies. Thus, it is perfectly normal for managers to attempt to create a working environment that is balanced and where discrimination will not be common. Anyone who is profit driven knows that is easier and cheaper for them to prevent divergences from taking place in the workplace than to deal with the conditions once they expand and leave the working environment in favor of a law court.

Discrimination in the work place has damaging effects on the individual being differentiated and on the well-being of the firm. If one… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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