Counseling for Children Book Report

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¶ … physical and sexual abuse on children. This is accomplished through critiquing the book Protecting Children from Violence and the ideas that are presented. Once this takes place, is when psychologists can use these tools in their practice setting to identify and address these issues.

Over the last several decades, child development has been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this, is because the incidents and events that are occurring during this part of an individual's life, will have an impact on who they will become in the future. A good example of this can be seen with a study that was conducted by the Center for Applied Studies in Education. They found, that the events and experiences of a child will have an impact upon the way they see the world around them. This is because, they will instinctively teach themselves how to deal with a host of issues they could be facing later on in life. Once this occurs, it will have an effect upon the kinds of decisions that are made when they become an adult. This is significant because, it is illustrating how there are a host of: events, ideas and people that will shape how a child develops over the long-term. (Bradely, 2002, pp. 371 -- 399)

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In the book Protecting Children from Violence, Lampinen (2010) is discussing how: this is impacting children and possible strategies for dealing with a host of challenges. This is accomplished by taking various points-of-view into account and the long-term effects that they are having on child development. To fully understand how this is impacting their growth requires examining the different ideas that are discussed by the author and conducting an analysis of them. Together, these elements will provide the greatest insights as to what factors are influencing the way a child will see the world around them. (Lampinen, 2010)

Key Ideas of Protecting Children from Violence

Book Report on Counseling for Children Assignment

In the book, Lampinen is focused on a number of different provisions that can be used in conjunction with one another to understand a host of events that are impacting children. The most notable include:

He is illustrating the long-term costs of physical and sexual abuse on society.

They are identifying relevant research to illustrate how public perceptions and policies are different on this issue.

They are discussing how violence that is directed at children is a worldwide phenomenon.

Lampinen is introducing strategies that can be utilized to reduce the levels of violence against children.

He is examining possible intervention strategies that can be used in preventing violence that is targeted at children.

These elements are important, because they are providing a basic foundation of the key ideas that the author is discussing throughout the book. Once this occurs, is when they can help psychologists to have a variety of tools in dealing with these situations. (Lampinen, 2010)

To provide further explanation about core concepts Lampinen is studying different aspects of the problem to include: the history, best practices and changes. As far as history is concerned, Lampinen is focused on providing readers with a background about how children are constantly the target of physical and sexual violence. This is because they are the most vulnerable to the actions of other adults around them. As they do not know how to deal with a host of events and situations, which makes them the susceptible to added levels of intimidation. Over the course of time, a variety of adults have been using this weakness to force the child to engage in actions that are considered to be abusive. (Lampinen, 2010)

Next, Lampinen is discussing what children are most susceptible to violence. As, he found that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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