Counseling the Ethical Dilemma Term Paper

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But shortly after I left my job and started college, I wrote a letter (to a county supervisor with a "CC" to our state senator) exposing the wrongs I had seen in terms of the lack of healthcare offered to these men. There was the medications issue and also some of these poor souls would sit all day in underwear that had been peed in, or worse, and I had been asked not to deal with it until they went to bed. My challenge resulted in a state investigation of the whole facility. Other employees came forward and there was a major overhaul of the administration. I had challenged the status quo, and I felt good about that, but I still harbored guilt deep down because I let the abusive policies go on through the summer.

On page 127 of Chapter 7 (Ethics and Power) the authors assert that by harming clients we act "unethically." I believe I did allow harm to come to those old men (clients, if you will). And in this case the harm I caused came from "acts of omission" (failing to report unethical behavior) and from "acts of commission" (dispensing medications illegally). This was actually a case of professional malpractice. In Chapter 8 (Engage) the authors discuss how counselors engage someone, and I actually feel a little less guilt knowing that I did treat the men with dignity and when they were up to it, I would engage them in conversation. One man in particular, John, always wanted to talk baseball and he shared the same story over and over about the beer truck he used to drive "back in the day."


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If I were in the presence of a counselor, I would state that at the end of the day, I did act ethically by exposing (whistle-blowing) the wrongful behaviors and policies I witnessed and participated in. But I would also be quick to admit that in those two plus months that I worked there, I resisted doing the ethical thing, mostly to protect my job. Do I bear responsibility for the harm done to those men during the time I was employed there? Yes. But though I was accountable for that time frame, I do believe that because I blew the whistle on improper policies that remove to some extend my culpability.

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Term Paper on Counseling the Ethical Dilemma -- Assignment

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