Counseling and Personal Values Integrating Term Paper

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Transactional Analysis Theory -- This theory was given by Eric Berne. This therapy not only focuses on development of a productive life but also focuses on attaining health and independence.

Other Behavioral Theories -- The behavioral theories were mostly given by B.F. Skinner. These theories basically focus on making the clients emotionally and psychologically strong and rational.

We are familiar with all these theories, but each theory is a subject within itself. Therefore, to understand the practical approach towards this theory it is important to develop a thorough understanding of the theory.

Techniques of Counseling

Although there are different techniques of counseling available, the techniques chosen for further discussion are explained below.

Adlerian Technique

Adlerian technique had been devised from the Adlerian theory given by Alfred Adler. The theory basically believes that social interest is a great motivator for humans. If a person is assigned certain directions and goals, he or she will be motivated intrinsically. The technique carries out the counseling therapy via challenging the client on the personal logics and beliefs that he or she has developed in order to help them with determining a direction of their lives by assignment of certain goals leading towards development of sense of belongingness towards his or her surroundings. I will mainly use this technique for clients who have problem with adjusting in their surroundings i.e. The problem of maladjustment and clients who have a low self-esteem i.e. The problem of having degrading self impression (Sweeney, 2009).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Counseling and Personal Values Integrating Assignment

I will use the Adlerian techniques through confrontation that actually challenges the personal logic the client has formed in his or her mind and by asking questions to the client. Along with the challenge and interrogation, I will also use encouragement to help client deal with the challenge previously provided. To have an effective implication of the therapy I will also indulge in an acting exercise with the client to provide an understanding to the client that how his/her life will be different by being who he/she wants to be. Last but not the least, I will then point out client's problem and make him aware of his destructive behavior. I will also provide the client with short-term goals as a prescription for him to be treated psychologically (Sweeney, 2009).

Gestalt Technique

The Gestalt technique has been derived from the Gestalt theory that was given by Fritz Perls. The theory basically believes that the focus of counseling should be on the client having a complete life by living productively. The technique carries out a Gestalt counseling therapy by helping the client gain intellectual maturity. I will use this technique with clients who have an incomplete life due to the lack of productive efforts on the client's end (Wollants, 2012).

I will basically use the Gestalt therapy through two Gestalt techniques which are exercises and experimentation. The exercise technique of Gestalt therapy include exercise activities of psycho drama, fantasy and fantasy related role playing, and actions of frustration that will be used according to whatever is suitable to the client. The experimental technique includes creative interventions. I will also use the techniques of empty chair i.e. giving the client a feeling of a separate entity and helping him uncover various parts of his personality. I will also prefer using dream work which would include the client's self-interpretation and understanding on the dream (Wollants, 2012).

Personal Life Experiences

Life experiences that will help me as counselor to deal with a large variety of clients include my academic and professional along with the personal experiences. I have travelled a lot in my life due to which I was exposed to dealing with different kinds of people. I have had the experience of having colleagues of difference races, ethnicities and cultures, therefore I have sufficient understanding of how specific ethnicities, cultures, and races affect the mental well being of the people at large. For a counselor, the most important thing is to understand how socio cultural aspects affect the client's mental well being. Therefore my vast experience with dealing people of different kinds is going to be an extremely beneficial factor in my counseling career.

Personal Limitations

Since I am a human being, I also have certain limitations that hinder my ability to deal with a certain set of clients. These limitations include a suppressed fear. During my early years of teenage, I had a teacher who was extremely aggressive. He reacted severely to little things that hardly mattered. As a result, I developed a fear of aggression due to which I find it difficult to deal with people who are aggressive in nature. Clients who delineate aggression in their nature will be the most challenging clients for me. I'll not only have to act as a counselor for my client, but also for myself to address the suppressed fear of aggression that has been embedded within for a very long time now.

Client Segment Analysis

There are certain kinds of clients that I would be able to work with effectively as well as clients that I would not be able to work with. Both these client populations are explained below.

Clients that I would be able to work with Generally I will be able to work with clients who are willing to solve the problem that they have. Even if they are not willing as long as I am respected as a counselor, I'd be able to work with such clients. My personal experiences have made me capable to work with clients of all cultures, ethnicities and races. Therefore, it is difficult to categorize the client population that I would be able to work with. However, it would not be wrong to say that I would be able to work with almost all kinds of client population. It is important to keep certain factors in mind, one of the most important factors for example is that the client should communicate in a language that I can understand.

Clients that I would not be able to work with As mentioned above, there are no obvious types of clients that I would not be able to work with. However, a few client populations might make it difficult for me to work with them. These are the client populations who do not want a solution to their problems, despite admitting that they need treatment do not respect me as a counselor are aggressive in nature

have a different language of communication than I do

Apart from the client populations who depict the behavior mentioned above, I would be able to work with everyone.


Counseling serves as therapy to address whatever problems a person may have in his or her professional or personal life. It is important to understand the role of lifestyle in the mental health and the physical health of a person. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, you need to have an understanding of the problems that you are facing emotionally and otherwise. You need to be strong as a counselor as well as a client to deal with these problems. These therapeutic techniques act as psychological change agents for the clients as they alter the complete approach that the client has towards his or her life to a positive one. Hence it wouldn't be wrong to say that by integrating counseling with personal values, the counseling can be more effective.


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