Counseling and Psychotherapy: The Acquisition Term Paper

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First, the therapist or counselor will be intentional in all activities since the therapy is not a random process. Secondly, the framework enables the adjustment of counseling strategies from time to time in order to fit the needs, issues, and perspectives of the client. Thirdly, the therapist or counselor will evaluate the cultural implications concerning the counseling strategy or therapy technique that has been selected.

Since the goal of the integrative framework is to help the client to identify what they really want and help him/her to accomplish it, the therapist looks at the client's story for clues on how to help him/her. This is mainly because one major aspect of the framework is that clients have several of their own answers and found within the client's language. The other aspect of the integrative framework is focusing on the self, which is described as the individual and unique sense of the person and his/her consciousness of his/her identity and being.

In conclusion, there are various approaches or theories that have been developed to explain the practice of counseling and psychotherapy. Since these approaches provide various aspects that guide the therapy practice, a therapist should develop personal philosophy and framework for therapy. This process involves consideration of various important factors like personality, personal growth, individual assumptions, and the major psychotherapy theories.


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Term Paper on Counseling and Psychotherapy: The Acquisition Assignment

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