Counseling Scenario of Mario Case Study

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¶ … counseling scenario of Mario who is an illegal immigrant struggling with loneliness and lack of peer. Mario is also possibly struggling with alcohol addiction. In counseling Mario, the counselor needs to identify the types of personal information they need to collect in the first session and how this information is important for this case. The counselor also needs to examine his or her personal biases and limitations that may prevent them from handling the case effectively. The next step is for the counselor to set goals for the counseling and choose the applicable therapeutic approach. Lastly, the counselor needs to know how to measure the progress and success of the counseling. The paper examines these four steps in detail as concerned with Mario's case.

Counseling scenario

Personal information

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In dealing with Mario, who is facing issues of loneliness and as an illegal immigrant, it will be important to collect sufficient information about Mario in order to understand the root of his drinking problem and help him through the treatment support group. One piece of information that is needed in this case is Mario's history in the United States in terms of places he has worked and lived. This will help to identify Mario's source of loneliness and lack of social integration. Another essential piece of information is Mario's plans in regards to work and personal life. This will be important to identify what plans Mario has in the next few years in regard to his work and social life. This will help to understand what Mario plans to do regarding the situation of leaving his family behind and whether he has plans to return home after working in the U.S. It is also essential to know how Mario meets his basic needs such as food, shelter, transportation, and clothing. When the counselor has this information about Mario, they can identify financial problems or challenges that Mario faces. Mario's family background is also necessary because it identifies the relationships between Mario and his family members to know how these influence his stay in the U.S Major events in his family which may be the root cause of his issue should also be explored.

TOPIC: Case Study on Counseling Scenario of Mario Who Assignment

Maslow's hierarchy of needs and intrapsychic taxonomy suggests that it is only when one's physical needs are met that they seek other higher-level needs (Hays & Erford, 2013). Therefore, the personal information collected from Mario should guide the counselor to identify how he ranks his needs and whether his belonging needs, often at the intersection of body and spirit needs are the cause of his problem. This will help to define Mario's character clearly and then identify the combination of factors that describe his personality. It is important to identify his personality in terms of his extroversion, neuroticism, openness, and conscientiousness.

Personal biases and limitations

Sue & Sue (2008)

Personal bias may stem from the controversy surrounding the statement in law that anyone who aids, abets, harbors, or encourages an illegal alien is committing a felony. The counselor may feel that they do not want to stand on the wrong side of the law thus hinder their ability to counsel Mario. Even though the counselor is regarded as acting with good intentions, they do not get a free pass in legal circles if they are found on the wrong side of the law. Another issue regards aiding Mario in his plans. For example, if Mario plans to apply for citizenship or legal immigrant status in the future, the counselor is free to aid him in these plans. However, there may be a personal bias towards illegal immigrants that prevents the counselor from aiding Mario in this plans.


The goals for Mario's case center around helping him get over his alcohol addiction by helping him find friends with whom he shares interests and abilities. This will help him overcome his feeling of loneliness and encourage him to build a relationship based on mutual understanding with the friend. This overarching goal will help him overcome his alcohol problem and know himself better, understand his interests and the friend will help him work towards achieving his plans. This goal serves the purpose of empowering Mario and building self-efficacy towards having the ability, focus, and resources to accomplish his plans (Roy Moodley, 2010). This is also the most beneficial goal for Mario because it applies in all situations and even when he decides to move to a different area, he will be able to make friends and thus not experience loneliness.

An important goal for Mario is to reduce his dependency on alcohol as a stress reliever. Mario discharging his emotions through chats with friends who will help him identify potential solutions can meet this goal. Other goals that are required in Mario's counseling are for him to value changes in his life that are beyond simple survival. As an illegal immigrant, mostly getting paid at minimum wage, Mario possible struggles to thrive. Financial problems may be part of the reason behind his alcohol addiction. By helping him understand how to handle his finances better, Mario would be able to appreciate the simplicity in actions that lead to improved financial status.

Understanding the importance of family and his status in the U.S. is also an essential goal for Mario's counseling. It is important for Mario to understand that his situation as an illegal alien may lead to him never reuniting with his family. By helping Mario come to terms with the immigration situation, Mario will show appreciation of reality and tailor his plans based on realistic possibilities.

In goal-setting, the goals should focus on the client ad how they perceive the problem at hand. This will prevent the client from refusing the goal set for the counseling. This will also ensure the success of the counseling process. Generalization of the set goals and actions to achieve these goals is also an essential strategy to prevent client resistance (Ponterotto, 2009). The counselor should also work with Mario to understand the value of the set goals and where the client is still not comfortable with the goals, explore alternative goals and actions to reduce the resistance by the client.

Theoretical background

Carl Rogers' person-centered theory is the most appropriate for Mario's case because it is based on the view of humanity as good. According to the theory, the individual resolves their problem through an environment of warmth, empathy, and acceptance (Cornish, Schreier, Nadkarni, Metzger, & Rodolfa, 2010). By helping Mario achieve these through finding friends, Mario will be able to resolve his problem with ease. By resolving his problem, Mario will be able to move towards personal-growth both psychologically and financially, to understand and improve their purpose in life and accept the reality as it is.

The best counseling techniques to match with this theory are note taking and homework. Using these techniques, the counselor will write down information in shorthand in a notebook to keep track of Mario's progress. Homework will be essential to help Mario understand the source of their loneliness and work toward addressing this issue. This may include asking Mario to identify two or more people whom he works with or meets regularly and starting a conversation with them. Mario will be able to practice making friends and do it with ease. During this time, Mario will be encouraged to keep journals in order to clarify his thoughts, review his own growth, and reduce his stress levels. Open-ended questions come in handy in Mario's counseling to gain insight into Mario's experiences. Genograms may also come in handy in identifying the relationships in Mario's family and mapping major events that may lead to his current problem.

To achieve this goal, a minimum of 10 sessions is essential. The first session focuses on identifying the issues by conducting an… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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