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¶ … country - Sweden

Being a country renowned for its neutrality when concerning warfare and for the fact that its economy has thrived during the last decades, Sweden offers a perfect recipe of success. Sweden has leaded a neoliberal policy approximately from the last decade of the twentieth century. This is most probably one of the main reasons for the fact that the standard of living has risen dramatically in this country. Its well-developed economy has brought Sweden to the condition where it can be compared to countries such as the U.S. Or Japan. Because of the fast evolution underwent by the country and because of the fact that its gross domestic product at purchasing power parity per capita is far above world average, it can be considered to be one of the most developed countries.

With globalization being an inevitable process, Sweden is bound to let go of some of the principles which have gotten it where it is today. Regardless of the fact that the country's government considers its borders to be very important for its well-being, it will have to abandon this concept in the near future, in order to embrace the age of non-polarity. The only problems which Sweden is going to have will be minor, and will not have a long-term effect on the country.

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There presently exists a geopolitical competition for power between some of the most developed states. It is not certain whether or not Sweden will have a major role in it. However, it is certain that world superpowers will, at some point, express their desire to gain control over the areas which present financial and territorial interest.

In contrast to the Cold War, where superpower involvement has been rather visible, the age of non-polarity involves events that are rather strange, as globalization has made it perfectly natural for countries to perform activities that they would not normally perform in order for them to make a name for themselves. Globalization has beneficial effects on the long run, even if that also brings along certain disadvantages.

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Country - Sweden Being a Country Renowned Assignment

In spite of the open minded people in Sweden, the country still encounters problems accepting today's society. It is almost as if its government sometimes regrets the fact that it is liberal. A great part of Sweden's success today is owed to the theories that it promotes, such as the one relating to immigrants, and to how they should only be accepted into the country under special circumstances. Thus, when concerning globalization, it seems that Sweden would be better off alone.

With its history in prosperity, England is known to stand as an example for basically every country wanting to experience development. However, as the Scandinavian countries have started to evolve, the English realized that it would have favored them to adopt some of the concepts used by the Northerners. British might believe that life in Sweden is much better than it is in England. In spite of that, matters appear to be different, as people living in the Scandinavian Peninsula believe that their homeland is nothing as what the world thinks.

A number of Swedes actually believe that Sweden's reputation of being liberal is unearned. According to them, Sweden is a boring place for those that want a little more from their lives. Sweden promotes an aggressive campaign against prostitution, drugs, and alcohol, with people there being kept away from vices. Sweden appears to be a country that does not wish to have its people behaving unconventionally.

It is not certain whether or not Sweden's policy on vices is detrimental to its people, as they appear to be satisfied, even with the presumed trouble they have expressing themselves.

From the general public's point-of-view, Sweden is one of the most liberal countries in the world. People there enjoy a series of privileges because of the high standards of living, the democratic principles, and because of the impartiality promoted by Sweden. Indeed, if one were to analyze all of these factors, it would be impossible for him or her to believe that Swedish people are unhappy with their lives.

It appears that there is nothing wrong with Sweden, and that life there is ideal, just the right thing for people that are discontented with their present way of living. However, regardless of the privileges which it appears to offer, no place can be considered to be the perfect place for one to live in. With this in mind, Sweden's problems begin to emerge, as a number of people in the country have complained that there is nothing special about their country.

Sweden is definitely prospering at the moment, being among some of the countries presenting their citizens with some of the highest life standards. The city of Stockholm is Sweden's capital and the home of the country's monarch. The city gathers a large number of tourists every year because of its remarkable parks and water landscapes.

According to the 2008 Global City Index chart, Stockholm is considered to be the 24th most important city in the global economic system. Globalization basically means urbanization, Stockholm being a core for Sweden, an engine which makes it possible for the whole country to develop and acts as a representative for it.

Unlike any other city from Sweden, Stockholm connects to the rest of the world in a unique way, promoting Swedish values. Also, the Swedish capital is responsible for making people from the rural area want to leave their homes in favor of the city.

Stockholm proved that qualities such as massive economic growth are not enough for a city to make it into the Global City Index. In order for a city to be considered worthy of entering the chart, it first has to demonstrate that it uses its finances to admirable purposes. Stockholm invested in attracting young minds and in having its people appreciate the rest of the world. The Swedish government has taken opportunity of the globalization and used it for the benefit of its citizens instead of letting it affect them.

Because of the neutral policy that it held on to over the years, and, because of the fact that it mostly prefers to keep a traditionalist approach, Sweden is one of the countries which have had little chances of encountering financial or political difficulties. For that matter, the whole Scandinavian Peninsula has a history in stability and in achieving constant success by remaining conservative.

The Failed States Index presents data relating to which states are in a condition of crisis and to which states are stable. It is not certain whether the Index can be taken for completely reliable, since there is a small possibility that the researchers responsible for making it have committed errors at some points in their analysis. However, the results are not surprising, with the countries placed on the first places in the Index having a history in poverty, and unstable economical and political systems. Also, the countries which rank up as being the most stable have experienced little difficulties developing over the years.

The taxes imposed in Scandinavian countries are much higher than the taxes asked in various other well-developed countries. While the general public would consider this to be a disadvantage for the people living there, it actually isn't. The money from the taxes they pay is judiciously distributed and invested in domains such as health care and retirement. Things in Sweden are not very similar to how they are in any other well-developed western countries.

When compared to Swedes, people in Britain are underprivileged and receive little assistance from their government. Apparently, the life expectancy in Sweden is one of the highest in the world.

This is perfectly normal when considering the living standards in Sweden.

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