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The popular saying "curiosity kills the cat" is meant as a warning against snooping where one is not intended to snoop. This negative connotation to the basic human trait of curiosity, however, could be a little unfair. In a variety of human relationships, both Moss (2013) and Shwarz (2013) suggest that curiosity is not only healthy, but also essential. This is also true for life coaches. In couples counseling, the coach would, for example, display a curiosity of his or her own while also attempting to excite curiosity in both clients regarding each other and the motivations they have for the behavior that caused trouble in the relationship.

In order to enhance curiosity in a coaching situation, Moss (2013) suggests asking "open" questions, by which she means questions that do not have a particular answer. These questions are based upon a sense of curiosity about the client. Hence, a coach asking such questions can display a sense of genuine curiosity, while also stimulating the client's ability to critically examine him- or herself.

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In a coaching situation where a couple are my clients, I would therefore start by asking each of them open questions, using my own curiosity to understand the core of their coaching needs. I would, for example, ask them about the process the led them to become coaching clients, what their needs are within the coaching situation, and so on. Secondarily, I would attempt to stimulate their curiosity about each other. I would, for example, ask them to create open questions that they can ask each other. Without avoiding any conflict situations that led them to my office, I will not simply ask them what these are, but to ask each other questions about the specific conflict. Questions could include how each feels about the conflict, and what solutions they could come up with to mitigate it, what they can learn from it, what they can learn from each other, and so on. These questions will stimulate not only the couple's curiosity about each other, but also their ability to communicate more effectively.

Research Paper on Couples Coaching Assignment

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