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¶ … Natural Birth Course Outline

Labor and Delivery Nurse Education Course / Scottsdale Hospitals

Focus and Course Content

Four in every ten expectant mothers will have a cesarean section for their first delivery. More and more studies are linking this increase in surgical births to the amount of medical intervention utilized at hospitals. While many interventions and hospital policies are in place for the safety of the patient and mother, not every mother entering the labor and delivery unit requires full intervention. This course is designed to educate nurses within the labor and delivery unit on natural birth techniques commonly used by midwives as a means of offering our patient consumers a means of ensuring a smooth birth process.


This course is for all nursing staff in the labor and delivery unit of the hospital.

Natural Labor and Delivery Techniques

This is a six-week course with two clocked hours each week.


Modern expectant mothers are more educated than in recent years. Along with that education comes an expectation that nurses will also be educated in modern birth techniques and able to assist in the labor and delivery process. Last year, the amount of home births increased by over 30%. The primary reason for this trend is the desire of couples for a natural birth. By offering a natural birth environment in the hospital, this trend can be reversed.

Catalogue Description

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This is a mandatory course for all nurses with rounds in the labor and delivery unit of Scottsdale Memorial Hospital. After this initial course, this course will be required of all nurses before starting rounds in the labor and delivery unit. This course is congruent with the hospital's mandate for the modernization of the labor and delivery unit.

Course Prerequisites

This course is only offered for nurses within the labor and delivery unit.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course students will be able to:

Term Paper on Course Development Application Assignment

1. Identify naturally progressing labor

2. Offer advice for natural pain management to laboring mothers

3. Offer position assistance for safe delivery

Course Resources

The following course materials will be utilized during this course:

Ricki Lake. The Business of Being Born: The purpose of this movie is to offer nurses perspective on current birth theory.

Sears, Martha and William. The Birth Book. This text created by Dr. William Sears and his wife presents the pros and cons of all medical interventions as well as offering useful tools for natural birth methods.

Murry, Michelle and Huelsmann, Gayle. Labor and Delivery Nursing: This insightful textbook presents the factual and statistical implications for all decisions made during labor and delivery.

Course Delivery Method/Teaching Methods

This is a face-to-face training course with lecture, laboratory, and simulation sessions. The purpose of this mixed technique is to encourage nurses to not only know the curriculum, but also consistently and effectively apply the curriculum when necessary.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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