Essay: Court Service Management

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[. . .] This occurs with support staff embracing certain practices and procedures to be in compliance with the law. For example, when the state legislature wants documentation of the proceedings and procedures in a specific format, it will change how various duties are performed. This means that the court will be ran differently to be in compliance with the new guidelines which are being imposed. (Howard, 1995) (Lane, 2012) (Oakley, 2009) (Glannon, 2008)

Evidence of this can be seen in the state of Colorado. Recently, the voters have legalized carrying, using and possessing small amounts of marijuana under one ounce. This is changing court administration procedures as those convicted under the old law could challenge their cases. Moreover, many of the federal guidelines for sentencing may not be applicable. This is because the state Constitution allows for individuals to legally possess the drug. (Howard, 1995) (Lane, 2012) (Oakley, 2009) (Glannon, 2008)

These issues are important, in showing the impact of different laws and the administration procedures for courts. They will influence how decisions are made, the way records are stored and how rulings are handed down in conjunction with federal law. In the future, this shifts how it operates and the way various staff members will perform their jobs. (Howard, 1995) (Lane, 2012) (Oakley, 2009) (Glannon, 2008)

What kinds of management best practices would you, as a court administrator, implement to ensure appropriate levels of continuity, efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness when significant changes occur that impact the court system?

The best way to deal with any kind of changes is to understand these transformations early. This means that whenever there is any kind of decisions which are made. Administrators must realize how this will influence them and create possible strategies for mitigating these kinds of challenges. (Howard, 1995) (Lane, 2012) (Oakley, 2009) (Glannon, 2008)

This can be achieved through establishing different working groups. They will meet at certain times of the year and discuss key issues which could be impacting the court. Their job is to determine how this will affect its administration and counteract these challenges. (Howard, 1995) (Lane, 2012) (Oakley, 2009) (Glannon, 2008)

For example, suppose that a new law is passed which is legalizing drugs at certain levels. This will transform the procedures of the court as new policies must be quickly enacted for dealing with these defendants. To do this, there could be a number of individuals from a host of backgrounds who can share unique insights with everyone. The most notable include: lawyers, judge, legal scholars, law enforcement officials, court administrators and citizens. They will show how this is impacting it operations and then introduce recommendations to ensure a smooth transition. (Howard, 1995) (Lane, 2012) (Oakley, 2009) (Glannon, 2008)

If this kind of approach was taken, it would make these changes easier. This is because different views are considered during the process. When this happens, any kind of changes will be more balanced and represent the interests of various stakeholders. At the same time, it keeps the court functioning efficiently and ensures it can evolve with new challenges. This makes it more responsive and capable of handling different caseloads from these shifts in the law. (Howard, 1995) (Lane, 2012) (Oakley, 2009) (Glannon, 2008)

Moreover, technology could be utilized to improve reporting and increase efficiency. For example, many states have specific guidelines for filing different paperwork to be in compliance with numerous laws. All of them allow courts to file them electronically. If the court, can begin using these procedures regularly this will reduce the costs and time to prepare / ship it to the proper location. This will improve efficiency by using the latest solutions to improve the kinds of service everyone is receiving. (Howard, 1995) (Lane, 2012) (Oakley, 2009) (Glannon, 2008)

In the future, this will help to prepare the court for the challenges it will face. This ensures that it is ready and can evolve with them. For administrators, the key is understanding what is happening and implementing solutions to address key issues. (Howard, 1995) (Lane, 2012) (Oakley, 2009) (Glannon, 2008)

This will ensure that everyone is all set for any kind shifts when they do occur. At the same time, these procedures will enhance transparency and fairness. This will shape how personnel are interacting with stakeholders through… [END OF PREVIEW]

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