Cplusplus Programming Language: Academia and Industry Term Paper

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¶ … C++ in academia and in industry. Explain the pros and cons of C++ as a programming language.

Few programming languages have ever become so essential to a programmer's education than as C++ is to a programmer's repertoire today. The language has developed to be fast and efficient, however its critics consider the language to be considerably difficult and lacking key modern features. Academia and industry, however, have considered C++ to be their core language for applications from word processors to the latest video games. C++ is the single most important language for a young programmer to master today, surpassing .Net, C#, and even Java, in order to have the best foundation for a career in computer programming.

Work on C++ began as a result of limitations in the C. programming language. Bjarne Stroustrup, an AT&T labs employee, created C++ in 1979 as a project called "C with Classes." This project was intended to use the positive features of "Simula," a language that developed the idea of objects, classes, and garbage collection, with the already widely used C. language. This unique combination of the positive features of Simula, which was built for speed, and the ubiquitous knowledge of C, which was built for general understanding, created what we now know today to be C++.

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At first, Stroustrup had C++ features be pushed into a C. platform, but later in 1985 released C++ for commercial use on its own. The language has been constantly updated since 1985, with C++ 2.0 in 1989, and an updated version of that released in 1991. Since then C++ has continued to grow and be updated to its modern, extremely multifaceted form as it exists today.

Term Paper on Cplusplus Programming Language: Academia & Industry Assignment

The greatest positive features of C++ are the fact that it has fast language, where objects and complicated ideas which in more traditional languages are extremely difficult to develop, are already build into the system, which already give it a step ahead, and this is on top of a general use and a very flexible use or format that comes from the language C. Therefore, it takes the simplicity and widespread use of C. And includes more complex ideas, which ultimately are necessary for the more modern utilization of applications,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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